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  1. whiskeyinthejar

    Difference between Greenbacks and G12-65's

    What's the deal? Im going to be using them in a JCM 800. Can't figure out what the difference would be and what to go for. Thanks
  2. whiskeyinthejar

    NAD – JCM 1 has landed in Toronto!

    I didn’t think I’d see the day where i’d get to post this but by some stroke of luck I got myself a JCM 800 1 Watt!!! Steve`s Music had 14 ordered – 12 to the Montreal location, 2 to Toronto. I was one of the lucky 2!!! Onto the amp...this thing is everything I hoped it would be. Nails the...
  3. whiskeyinthejar


    Sorry for the title but Steves Music Toronto just called and let me know that my MARSHALL JCM 1 HEAD has FINALLY ARRIVED!!!!!!!!! I thought for sure I was going to have to wait another month! Pics and clips soon! :) p.s. anyone else in North America find one of these yet???
  4. whiskeyinthejar

    Guitar Cab construction quality related to tone quality?

    Hey guys, i've got a JCM 1 head on the way and I currently own a Marshall Haze 1x12. Im thinking of swapping the speaker to a v30 or a g12-65 but im wondering if the construction of the cab being played affects the tone coming out of the speaker? Is it worth putting a nice speaker into an ok...
  5. whiskeyinthejar

    1x12 Cab for my Marshall JCM-1 head

    Hey all! Just put down my pre-order in Toronto for the Marshall JCM 1 head. Super excited, and apparantly first on the list so I hope it comes through! Anyways, I just sold my Tiny Terror head that i've been playing through a Marshall Haze 1x12. The cab sounded great once it was broken...
  6. whiskeyinthejar

    mxr 10 band eq for bass boost?

    yeah its right up against a wall so i dont think thats it
  7. whiskeyinthejar

    mxr 10 band eq for bass boost?

    yeah the cab is closed so that's definately not what's causing the lack of bass
  8. whiskeyinthejar

    mxr 10 band eq for bass boost?

    Hey guys, here's my dilemma: I've got a les paul playing through an orange tiny terror through a 1x12 cab, boosted with an mxr gt-od. I love the sound, it's almost perfect BUT i find I'm lacking in the low end. I know the tiny terror is naturally more mid-rangy and a 4x12 cab would help...
  9. whiskeyinthejar

    FINALLY!!! 60's tribute GOLDTOP has landed in toronto!!! (into my hands)

    Finally received my gt thanks to Long and Mcquade. What a beauty!!! Say what you want about cosmetic inconsistencies but I definitely have a great looking guitar. Besides that, this thing wails with p-90's! I always thought i'd stay with humbuckers but this guitar just sounds perfect. Highly...
  10. whiskeyinthejar

    Thanks for the advice, now let's vote on a speaker!~

    Ok so first, thank you to everyone for the awesome speaker advice from my other threads! So here's the background: LP 60's tribute with p90's, Orange Tiny Terror boosted with a marshall jackhammer, and a marshall haze 1x12 with a bad speaker that needs to be replaced. I am aiming for under...
  11. whiskeyinthejar

    best cab for home practice

    awesome, thank you all for the help, I think I'm going to do some speaker research and see what I can find. I heard the crumbacks have a good rep so maybe i'll check those out in comparison to v30s and warehouse speakers. thanks guys!
  12. whiskeyinthejar

    Gibson les paul studio 50's tribute mod

    that is brilliant. I just ordered a 60's tribute and it's like you read my mind. I love the idea of switching between a p-90 and humbucker especially with these guitars. I'm not good with this stuff but I have a friend who welds and I plan on showing him this and seeing If he can do the same...
  13. whiskeyinthejar

    best cab for home practice

    Im playing a tiny terror through a marshall haze 1x12 and while i like the sound at low volumes, anything cranked past 10 o clock gets really brittle with high gains and my overdrive pedal on (marshall jackhammer) so I want to replace my cab, since I believe that's the problem. Should I go...
  14. whiskeyinthejar

    Upgrading my marshall Haze cab

    Hey guys! SO I have an orange tiny terror that I play with a Marshall Haze 1x12 cab, and im currently playing with an epi standard (waiting for my new 60's tribute gt to come in) and I was wondering what kind of upgrades I can do with a cab? I like the way it sounds when the volume is at a...
  15. whiskeyinthejar

    les paul studio 50's 60's tributes and your amp

    I loved hearing that you rocked one of these bad boys with a duel terror and it sounded great. I pre-ordered a 60's goldtop last week and i've got a tiny terror and 1x12 at home waiting to let this thing roar, I can't wait to hear the sound. Here's my current setup, now I just gotta wait...
  16. whiskeyinthejar

    So I have a Les Paul but my amp sucks :(

    orange tiny terror. i play a lot of ramones and clash on it and it sounds perfect, takes no effort to dial in the tone. highly recommend it. here's a guy playing some ramones with a tt
  17. whiskeyinthejar

    New Amp Day! Thanks for all the advice!!!

    haha no prob, im enjoying the read. and yeah its amazing. i always thought id be content using ss but im loving tubes more and more every day. its amazing to hear the difference. with my jackhammer in front of it the orange is just i just need a decent reverb / delay pedal and a...
  18. whiskeyinthejar

    New Amp Day! Thanks for all the advice!!!

    The Vox wasn't my cup of tea, but it has more tonal variety. I just found that it didn't sound as harmonically rich or full as the orange, the gain sounded a bit flatter
  19. whiskeyinthejar

    New Amp Day! Thanks for all the advice!!!

    The clean is nice. Its not a fender or vox clean. More reminiscent of Marshall clean. Kind of foggy smooth. I like it since im not a huge fan of the crystal clean stuff. But this is really an amp for gain and crunch seekers
  20. whiskeyinthejar

    New Amp Day! Thanks for all the advice!!!

    Hey fellow guitar nerd bombs. Thanks for all of the advice on the thread below where i was trying to decide between the tiny terror and the tweaker. In the end, i went with the tiny terror for 2 main reasons: Price-wise, it was cheaper since the shop i got it from knocked off $100 for...

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