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    A shout out to Rewind

    Just a short post to give a shout out to James at Rewind ( @cooljuk ). I currently own a set of his Low Wind A2s, Bloomfields and Alnico IV PAFs. All superbly made and each with a very distinctive character of their own. I own two R9s that I’ve been searching for pickups for. I’ve settled on...
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    NGD - 1976 Les Paul Custom Wine Red with Chrome Hardware

    Congrats! Great looking guitar. Just picked up a 73 LPC with a similar weight - 9.88 lbs. I guess not all Norlins are boat anchors after all!
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    NGD: ‘73 Les Paul Custom

    I thought that when I first saw the cavity photos, but there are currently some small round ceramic .47 caps in there - they’re hard to see from the picture though.
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    NGD: ‘73 Les Paul Custom

    I’m not sure where the knobs are from unfortunately - they were fitted by the shop. That said, they don’t look all that aged in real life tbh, it might just be the photos… I’m on the look out for some, but most don’t look quite right. Area 59 might be a good option for aged speed knobs though.
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    NGD: ‘73 Les Paul Custom

    Hello all, I picked up this ‘73 Les Paul Custom a few weeks ago - some pictures below. It was advertised as possibly being a ‘72, but as the original pots were swapped out long ago there was no help to be had with dating the guitar there. The previous pots/harness were in a bad way when the...
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    Les Paul 1959 Reissue - Choose your favourite top/weight

    It’s close between 170, 871 and 872 for me. 871 has the most unique/unusual top of all of those pictured and it’s pretty light. Whether you like the quilted look is personal preference though. 872 has the sort of flame that always catches my eye - not too thin, not to quilted, not too...
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    2004 R9 Neck vs 2011 and/or 2017

    Hello all - can anyone compare the typical 2004 R9 neck carve (assuming they weren’t all too different) to 2011 and/or 2017 R9 necks? I own a 2011 and a 2017 and am currently considering adding a 2004. I’d look to play test the 2004 guitar before buying, but it’s a decent drive away. Before...
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    Should I send my 2003 R9 Braz to HM for standard makeover?

    As others have said, I’d send the 96 if it’s the keeper and sell or part-ex the 03 for something that floats your boat more. I think HM is something you do “for you”, accepting that it won’t add much (or anything, depending on the individual) for a prospective buyer down the line
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    How to Properly Set the Pole Piece Height on Humbuckers

    Just following on from my post above - watched Five Watt World’s review of Jimmy Page’s guitars last night and there’s a great close up shot of Page’s number one. Looks like his neck pickup pole pieces are set up pretty low too which was interesting (to me) to see
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    Historic Les 'em!

    I remember seeing your guitar when it was for sale. Really wanted to buy it, but had just bought an R9 which I also love. So distinctive. I’m not one for naming guitars, but I always think of yours as “Professor X” due to the figuring below the tail piece
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    How to Properly Set the Pole Piece Height on Humbuckers

    I was playing around with the custom bucker neck pickup on one of my R9s the other day. I purchased the guitar secondhand and both pickups were raised way up with the bobbins also raised up quite a way. It still sounded pretty good, if a bit shouty and congested. As I’ll be pickup swapping in...
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    Questionable Reverb listing - but what is it?

    I think they did - I recall seeing one with an off-centre seam about a year ago. I think it was called a “55 Hot Mod”
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    Are 2021 R8s plaintops again?

    I owned this 2014 R8 a few years ago. Cool guitar with a (to my eyes) slightly unusual top. Not quite flame, not quite plain and has a matched band of flame running all the way across the top just below the stop tailpiece.
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    Aged plaintop lemon GAS

    “What do you mean darling, this guitar has ALWAYS been here….and that money you think is missing from the account was never there.”
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    What pickups are in your Les Pauls ?

    1. 2011 R9 - Rewind Low Wind A2s 2. 2017 R9 - stock custom buckers currently, but the bridge at least will be swapped out for Mojo UK A3. Or (likely as of today) a pair of Rewind PAF-1s with A4 magnets. 3. 2017 CS LP Special - stock P90s (no plans to change them)
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    Neck pickup issues finally solved: Rewind A2s and wiring harness plus Rewind and Fralin guides

    It’s a Headfirst head (MCII-style) through a Bogner Cube cab with a V30 speaker
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    Neck pickup issues finally solved: Rewind A2s and wiring harness plus Rewind and Fralin guides

    ** Disclaimer - after posting this I saw the long thread on this topic here on the forum. Probably the only resource I didn't find, so apologies for any repetition. Pretty happy today, because I finally managed to dial in the tone I was looking for from the neck pickup on one of my '59...
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    Which of these tops would most typify an old burst?

    In between rounds of Christmas turkey I’ve been trawling Burst Serial number. Unbelievable variation on the tops of those vintage guitars. Quite an eye opener
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    Which of these tops would most typify an old burst?

    Not sure any of them scream vintage to me, but I think a big part of that is personal preference. I picked up one of my R9s because I thought the top looked vintage, but no doubt others would disagree! Of the three pictured, I’d buy C but would probably vote A
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    Match your Historic to Beauty of The Burst

    One of my R9s is supposedly based on B.O.T.B page 92, but to my eyes it's closer in spirit to 9-0597 My R9 is in photo 1 and 9-0597 is in photo 2.

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