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  1. RRfireblade

    YouTuber takes on Gibson QC

    Question, that's a 3 year old guitar, is it not? Was it just bought NOS or do we/they know that it came from Gibson like that?
  2. RRfireblade

    YouTuber takes on Gibson QC

    Prob cause they are in the video posted. ;)
  3. RRfireblade

    Lets see those Les Paul control cavities!

    Well someone's gotta post a PCB.... I actually love the switching options these provide and part of the reason they are some of my most gigged guitars. This is a 2013 PP Standard, all stock.
  4. RRfireblade

    How to identify model?

    SN checkers are availible online should get you close. That old, anything apperance wise could have been changed.
  5. RRfireblade

    Gibson Demo Shop is Killin It

    I'd be all over a few if they hadn't stamped them as Demos.
  6. RRfireblade

    How to identify model?

    At the very least you're gonna need a serial number.
  7. RRfireblade

    Gibson LP Real or Fake?????

    Definitely not a fake, 100%. It has to actually look like an LP to be a fake.
  8. RRfireblade

    Anyone had the guts to do this to a new LP?

    Ya, no one.....
  9. RRfireblade

    Anyone had the guts to do this to a new LP?

    It's really not though, not at all. If you know what you're doing, I've gone back and forth dozens of times for dozens of people. I've been doing high end finishing for 30+ years. It's literally no different than color sanding a finish during the finishing process. No gloss finish, as in ZERO...
  10. RRfireblade

    Anyone had the guts to do this to a new LP?

    Lol. Yeah, cause SANDPAPER is less damaging. LOL. Everyone (on the 'net) is an expert.
  11. RRfireblade

    Anyone had the guts to do this to a new LP?

    Scotch Brite or 0000 Steel wool. Easily reversed either way.
  12. RRfireblade

    Are String Swings Safe For Nitro Finish?

    I've got a number of LPs hanging on them for years now with zero issues. But from String Swing themselves.... Q: Are your products safe to use for guitars with a nitrocellulose lacquer finish? A: Our material will not eat into the nitro of your guitar like most foams and rubbers do. Fender...
  13. RRfireblade

    Hang vs. stand

    The String Swing hangers I use, are made in such a way that an LP headstock hangs straight out of it. There is no unnatural pressure put on the neck. Can't comment of other brands.
  14. RRfireblade

    Slanted nut?

    You know, it's possible a heavy handed player tended to bend strings off the old nut and had a new one cut that way on purpose. Maybe.
  15. RRfireblade

    Finally got back in a Gibson, 96 Studio

    Classic wine red. I wonder what the percentage of "firsts", the wine red was?
  16. RRfireblade

    Slanted nut?

    Normal? No. But it looks like the slots are cut deeper on that side to compensate so other than visually, it should function the same.
  17. RRfireblade

    Tailpiece height- is it bad to be too high?

    It's really just a preference thing. Generally when the bridge has to be high, the tail piece follows and personally I don't like the whole string bed that high off the body. Just a personal thing.
  18. RRfireblade

    Roller Bridges and Nuts !

    I've never had tuning issues I couldn't fix but if you like it go for it. My only experience with them is sometimes, overtime, they start to rattle. I generally stick to the more moving Parts the more potential problems, keep it simple.
  19. RRfireblade

    The Les Paul in Your Avatar?

    In black and White it's hard to be sure other than it's one of the 3, 13' Standards I own. The pic was taken at a show and then posted later so that's the best I can do. All of 'em are 13' Premium Plus Standards. I bought the first (Desert Burst) at a year end closeout, on sale and with a coupon...

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