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  1. MrKensei

    Long Awaited NGD! Schecter C-1 EX S Kenny Hickey

    Took me ages to sort the moeny out for this baby, still gotta sell my Tele to pay for the rest of it. My new Pride and joy! I'm a major Type O negative fan, starting Type O tribute this Autumn. 26.5" scale, Staionless Frets, JB Bridge pup, Sustainiac Neck pup, tonepros Tuneomatic bridge! Set...
  2. MrKensei

    NGD: My first Tele

    Hey! Not posted in agres but thought I's share this. Got this in a trade deal to make some money towards a Schecter I'm after. USA Standard Tele Rosewood board Sunburst Finish Upgraded tuners (Fender locking) Tele Elite bridge Saddles Breknuckle Blackguard Flat 50 Pickups I'm not a Tele guy...
  3. MrKensei

    New Guitar Day! JL7

    I've been trading my way up to get this guitar for about 6 months, I'm not disappointed! I've been a huge Conquering dystopia fan ever since the album came out and after securing my KM7 I nknew I ahd to get a JL7 to go with it. Be gigging the JL7 for the first time this Thurday. Can't wait!
  4. MrKensei

    "A World Without Heroes" When I was younger it seems a very bleak and dystopian song, but as the last 12 months has worn on I'm seeing my heroes die in their droves. It was sitting watching Lemmy's funeral and the waking up to the news about The Goblin King that it really...
  5. MrKensei

    New 7 String Day!

    After suffering GAS for about 2 years sicne it was announced I bit the bullet and rewarded my difficult year with a Schecter KM-7 TBBS for my birthday! This thing is freaking unbelievable! aside from my Jem 7VWH it's the best guitar I've ever played. The neck is slim but not as slim as my old...
  6. MrKensei

    Made a little pickup modification- Wow!

    So I had a spare set of Dimarzio evos lying around doing nothing. Figured that I would puit them in my RRTMG after I stole the RR's bareknuckles to put in my Explorer. However since in my current band and my forthcoming Gothic Metal/Doom metal project the Evo's might sound a little thin I...
  7. MrKensei

    Anyone else get hit like this?

    So the build up to gigging for my band felt desperate, slow, losing members, hunting for more, searching for gear (not that that ever stops), and practice/rehearsaL seemed like a bane on my busy, unfulfilling, sould destroying grind of a life. It was making me feel old, this was nto my...
  8. MrKensei

    Smashed our First Headline slot

    So we played out first proper headliner last night. Happened by accident, the touring band we were supposed to be supporting didnt respond to the promotoers repeated emails about gear requirment, so we got bumped up to the top of the bill in exchange for supplying the Drums and Bass amp. We...
  9. MrKensei

    Incoming New Explorer Day

    Got me this beauty coming in on a trade! Should have it tomorrow night, can't wait. More pics when She's mine!
  10. MrKensei

    So I Need a New Job

    I work for an ISP, my basic wage ishjorrible considering the experience and knowledge I have but the bonus (primarily based on Customer service feedback, with soem sales thrown in) has made the job bearable. However this afternoon they dropped a bomb on us. In a nutshell: Profits are up...
  11. MrKensei

    What is this?

    just been offered one of these. All Photos-1029 by -mrkensei- The guy wants £400 ($550). I have no idea what it is, the price seems really steep. Any info would be appreciated.
  12. MrKensei

    Plain covers- Affect on tone

    I've got an 07 Epi Korina Explorer, currently fitted with a Bareknuckle Ceramic nailbomb in the bridge, and an early 70s Dimarzio Super 2 in the neck. I won an auction for a Tonepros bridge and tailpiece and a set of plain, no hole gold pickup covers for £30 which arrived today. I've never...
  13. MrKensei

    NKKD-New Korean Korina Day!

    I just did a trade on an Epi Korina Explorer. Been after one for a while and the price was right! She is stunning. Undung made 2007 model with everything I look for in an Epi. Beautiful finish, its a real pretty noisemaker. As you would expect exquisite Korean craftsmanship (screw holes...
  14. MrKensei

    Feel Like a Frickin rock star!!!

    We played our first gig last night, my first gig ever! Local pub gig with 3 other bands, the venue was packed as the headlining band was well known, promoting their new ep. I'm pretty used to performing in public, being an ex thai boxer so had no nerves.. or so I thought. halfway...
  15. MrKensei

    De-floyding my Razorback

    i love my Dean Razorback, its's a total monster. However i dont use the Floyd on it, and find it to be a total PITA. Eevery guitar that Dean make of this style, above the very bottom level guitars comes floyd equipped so a new RB isnt an option. I could block the trem, git a tremolno...
  16. MrKensei

    Since IOS8.3 I cant embed images

    since updating to ios 8.3 on the Ipad i cant use the link or embed image buttons when I post. On chrome the browser hangs, on Safari the browser just shuts down.
  17. MrKensei

    Bandmates being a-holes.

    my bassist is really pushing my buttons. As some of you know ive been having a hard time (Mum died 3 weeks ago, funeral not till tomorrow, job interviews for promotion, financial issues etc....) and our first gig is in a couple of weeks. So on Tuesday our bassist brings a small video camera...
  18. MrKensei

    Bye Mum

    Lost my Mum this morning. Talking funeral arrangements now. Started this thread to say something profound to comfort myself. All I can think of is ****.
  19. MrKensei

    Thru neck PRS/SE?

    I've had a fascination with PRS ever since I was a kid and saw the wonderful Quilt maple rans purple and blue guitars appear in guitar mags overnight, However I'vve never been able to play one that I liked/could keep. 2 things always bothered me: The Tremolo/Bridge: On trem fitted models The...
  20. MrKensei


    No not a philosophy thread, sorry. I bought destiny for the PS4 and started playing it just at new year. I'm hopelessly hooked. Any PS4 Destiny players here? Love it? Hate it? I'm on L29 and looking for some friendly types I can raid with.

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