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    NGD '71 Les Paul Custom

    At least I think its a 71! Apparently its hard to tell 71-72 from 74-75 but the pot codes correspond to 1971. First impressions: My first Gibson LP custom, Also the oldest guitar I've ever bought. Pretty cool vibe, lots of checking and such. Some peeling on the headstock face. It is indeed very...
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    TonePros Gibson Les Paul Bridge.

    I believe it was pulled off a 2016 Gibson Les Paul Traditional. Mint condition. $55 Shipped/ppd.
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    FS Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2016 limited run plain top.

    FS Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2016 limited run plain top in Lightburst. 57 classics, non weight relief, dark rosewood fretboard. In mint condition, has the case candy. The original owner changed the bridge, I think it's the same type of bridge just different material(should be brass?). Also he...
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    FS: ESP E-II Horizon III Reindeer Blue $1450 shipped & pp'd.

    ESP E-II Horizon III Reindeer Blue. Mint condition, sounds awesome plays even better. Top tier quality, MIJ. Ebony board, seymour duncan pups, locking tuners. Please let me know if you have any questions. $1450 includes shipping to ConUS and paypal.
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    Gibson Good Years

    So I thought I'd share this with you guys. I was selling a Gibson bass to some dude and we ended up talking about guitars for a bit. He mentioned he took a tour of the Gibson factory not too long ago. At one point during the tour he stepped outside and chatted up a worker who was on a smoke...
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    Is playing with your fingers exclusively practical in rock music?

    I started learning a bit of classical guitar and jazz so I've been playing with my fingers a lot more. I find strumming and playing arpeggios a lot easier than playing with a pick. Actually i dont think ive ever been able to play clean consistent arpeggios on guitar with a pick. Im thinking...
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    Fender AVRI 57 Stratocaster

    Early 2000s Fender American Vintage 1957 Reissue Stratocaster in Ice Blue Metallic. Maple neck with a bit of birdseye in some places. Its in great shape, the only imperfection is a little bit of buckle rash in the back. The frets are in great shape, it was recently set up by a great luthier in...
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    Firebird: New or Used?

    Hey everyone! I've wanted a firebird for some time. Now that Gibson drastically lowered the prices of them i'm thinking of ordering one soon. The question is, how do these new ones compare to older ones? Gibson has been a bit whacky with their changes particularly in the past 5 years so i'm...
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    Do new tubes go bad?

    Hey everyone, So a little bit ago my Marshall jcm 2000 401 made a funny noise and then there was no sound. I checked the tubes and one of the power tubes was out, so i thought this was the problem; it had been like 2 years since i changed them so it made sense to me. So i ordered a set of 4...
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    Gibson les paul Studio

    Hey everyone, I got a Gibson Les Paul studio with a bit of a troubled past. Basically the guy who sold it to me had replaced all the parts with epi parts; (except the grover tuners) he definitively mistreated the guitar. Theres a random blotch of paint in the headstock, but no repairs or...
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    Is my Studio a Fake??

    Hey everyone. Ive had this Les paul Studio for over a year. I posted it up on craigslist because i need the cash, and the buyer told me he's pretty sure its a fake. Now there are some sketch things about the history of the guitar. I bought it off ebay a year ago. A few months later i took out...
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    Guitar harness wiring help- Coil tap

    Hey everyone! I got this pre-wired harness from ebay a while back and I'm finally getting around to installing it. Im a bit confused on what goes where; All wiring diagrams seem to do things a bit different, and i also haven't seen any with this kind of Coil tap(or coil split?) pots. Im not...
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    Les paul studio wiring help

    Hello everyone, i was hoping to get some advice. I got a les paul studio a few months ago and I'm pretty sure the wiring is a little messed up; Bridge pickup was always quieter than the neck. I recently opened up the cavity and the Bridge Volume pot was a little loose. I messed with it a little...
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    Books on learning to read music

    Hey there everyone, can anyone recommend any books that would help in learning how to read music? Ive been playing for a while, i understand theory, i (essentially) know how to read music but not really fluently if that makes sense. I can find the notes but not off the top of my head. Id...
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    Real or fake? Zakk Wylde les paul custom camo

    Hey guys, I'm not an expert on the subject so I thought I'd ask you guys, before someone gets ripped off. Gibson Les Paul Zakk Wylde Camo Custom Pictures aren't too good, I don't want to call the guy out either before I know. All his contact info is there so who knows. What do you guys...
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    70s southern jumbo

    Hey guys, I'm considering buying my first acoustic. A local guy is selling an early 70s gibson southern jumbo; he's asking 1200. I really know nothing about acoustics. I've played cheap ones that I think sound great until a couple of hours later when I think they sound like crap. Anyways I...
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    FS/FT Marshall Lead 20, MiM Fender jazz bass, Samson-gtrack

    1984 marshall lead 20- 100$ Made in England, still has the original celestion speaker. 2 inputs, one channel, eq. in pretty good shape for an amp this old; works great, but the light switch on the on switch does not turn on. (so the amp turns on, but the red light doesnt go on) Fender MiM...
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    Advice on getting a Les paul junior

    hey guys, its been a while! i need some advice on something. im looking to get a new guitar and i was considering a les paul junior special with humbuckers. i play a lot of funk and chords so cleans are important. for the price(~470) i have no problem changing the pickups(maybe even the...
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    how to ship amps and guitars?

    hey everyone. so im thinking about selling an amp and also a guitar, but i got no idea how to ship them, or the costs. what companies, and methods do you guys use to ship instruments? and what are their rates.
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    santana- guitar heaven

    i was driving home and heard these. blew me away. its santana's new album, "guitar heaven: the greatest guitar classics of all time" great covers, dont sound the same as the originals, which i what a cover should be. great guitar playing.

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