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  1. theusualdan

    Remove the stink from a Les Paul?

    Recently got a ‘52 Les Paul and overall I’m just loving it. However, it was definitely not used for probably years before I got it and it definitely had a funk about it (dude I got it from also didn’t smell the best). After cleaning the fretboard a bit and using a super mild polish to get rid of...
  2. theusualdan

    FS - Throbak SLE-101 Plus MXV - SOLD

    Great sounding PAF style pickups. Double black bobbins, with raw nickel covers on them currently, but I could include a set of shiny covers for a bit extra (some light oxidation on the bass side of bridge cover). Neither set of covers seem to be original. No box for these. Measures almost...
  3. theusualdan

    FSOT Gibson Les Paul Custom 70s Player grade

    1970s player grade Les Paul Custom here for sale. Let’s get the bad outta the way. Headstock repair/non original 70s case/refret. Neck repair feels solid and I've not had an issue with it in the couple years I've owned it. Finish has some checking on the headstock, and back has fair share of...
  4. theusualdan


    2002 Les Paul standard in light burst with an upgraded AA top. I really love how this guitar looks and originally intended it to be a poor man’s Page #1. Currently outfitted with an Emerson wiring harness and switch, Bare Knuckle mule in the neck and riff raff in the bridge, stock Grover tuners...
  5. theusualdan

    FS: Rewind JPPost72 Lightly Aged - sold

    Got this set last year for a LP standard I was setting up to be a poor man's Page #1. Due to a recent purchase, I'm selling that guitar, so these gotta go as well. They sound great, and have been installed less than a year on a guitar that wasn't gigged. Still have full lead length. Output...
  6. theusualdan

    1952 Les Paul. Should I buy it? (I bought it)

    I have an opportunity to buy an early '52 Les Paul and am doing a lot of hemming and hawing right now. The seller just had it appraised at Dave's guitar shop and they offered to buy it. According to the appraisal, it's had finish work on the back and the headstock, as well as replaced tuners...
  7. theusualdan

    WTB - Gold humbucker set (Lollar, Fralin, Bare Knuckle, Gibson, etc etc)

    Looking for a set of pickups to put in my vintage custom. Hoping for gold covered pickups that have been played to bejesus or at least look the part. Pickups I've liked in the past would include Bare Knuckle Mules, Lollar Imperials, OX4's, Throbaks, etc. If you've got something in that vein, hit...
  8. theusualdan

    WTB Gibson Les Paul Project or Player grade R8

    Putting this up to see what's out there in regards to Les Pauls in need of love. Husk? Cool. Repaired neck breaks? Neat. No case? No worries. Looking to busy myself with a project for the next few months. I have two R7s that are extremely player grade, and I'd take another, or an R8, or an early...
  9. theusualdan

    Sold. Please Delete

    Double cream Dimarzio PAF (I think). Has a splice job that someone did to it, but still functions well and sounds great. It was in the neck position when I got it. Reads in at 8.69k-ish. Someone played the hell out of this pickup and you can see that in that there is string wear on the pickups...
  10. theusualdan

    Neck pickup higher output than bridge

    So I just put a set of Rewind JPPost72s in a Les Paul standard and was having some issues balancing the output of the neck and bridge. Then comparing to my other Les Pauls, the bridge on this set sounded noticeably quieter to me. So I pulled out an ohm reader and the neck measures about 7.8k and...
  11. theusualdan

    FSOT Gibson Les Paul Custom w/ Throbaks (1974 Player grade)

    On the fence about this one, but going to put it out there cause I've been itching for a Collings I-35 for a while. Got this Les Paul about a year ago and while it's great, I'm overflowing with Les Pauls, so looking to diversify the line up. Based on the pots and serial number (140478), I belive...
  12. theusualdan

    Value check on a 74-ish Les Paul Custom

    First things first. The beast in question I am having a hard time putting a value to this as it's definitely a player grade custom. Pots date it to '74, and the serial number COULD be '74 (140478), so that's what I'm running with. It's had a headstock break and a refret. Non original 70s case...
  13. theusualdan

    Early 70s LP custom. Replace the pots?

    So as the title says, I'm considering doing a wiring upgrade on an early 70s LP custom I got earlier this year. It is a player grade and already had been pretty well devalued by the time I got it (headstock break, refret, non original pickups, etc). So I've been putting it how I like it to make...
  14. theusualdan

    Valuing a Gibson R7 goldtop with a headstock break and weighing pros/cons of a top refin

    I have an '01 Gibson R7 goldtop that's in very player grade condition. Has a repaired headstock crack, no cert, lots of playwear. However, it is really light, plays great, and sounds great with a set of Rewinds I picked up a couple years ago for a steal. My question is... given it's condition...
  15. theusualdan

    WTB Bare Knuckle Black Dog Set

    Nickel covers preferred. Aged or raw nickel preferred. Would also consider Wizz Pagey's, Zhangbucker Pagey 2, Rewind Page pre72 (or Post 72 I guess...). You get what I'm going for here...
  16. theusualdan

    Please delete

    Just picked up a ‘71 ish custom but it’s got cream rings and no pickguard. It’s player grade so no concerns about swapping parts but I’d like to grab some aged black rings and poker chip so it looks a little better. Need the same in the way of a pickguard. Let me know what you have.
  17. theusualdan

    FS - 2009 Fender AVRI Jazzmaster (Mastery, Staytrem, Fralin) - $old

    Lots of upgrades on this Jazzmaster. 1962 American Vintage reissue. Nitro finish, alder body, 7.25” radius maple neck w/ rosewood fretboard. Has some armwear starting and a little buckle rash on the back contour as well as it’s fair share of dings and knocks (most of which are not through the...
  18. theusualdan

    Player grade historics? What do they go for, and why are they all R7s?

    I've been lucky enough to get my hands on a couple of great guitars by not caring that they had headstock breaks, lots of wear, swapped electronics, etc... But what do you guys usually expect to see a "player" grade historic go for? I've been on the hunt for a player grade R8 for ages now, and...
  19. theusualdan

    Sold - BilT Relevator LS Charcoal Frost Sparkle

    Been re-evaluating my gear, and as much as I LOVE how this guitar looks, it doesn't get the attention it deserves, so throwing it up for sale to see if there is any interest. Specs are: Alder body Maple neck with rosewood board. The finish on the back of the neck has had the gloss knocked off...
  20. theusualdan

    WTB: Kluson tuners for Les Paul

    Looking to throw Klusons back on my R7. It’s a bit of a beater so if they’re older and have some wear that’s fine by me. Let me know what ya got!

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