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  1. Ace Warslave

    Ace Warslave

    Just to let you all know that 2020 has claimed another victim. Ace (Lewis Brown) passed away 31 December 2020 aged 55 years from stomach cancer. He loved his guitars and these forums. Posted by Linda his partner
  2. Ace Warslave

    orville by gibson

    Has anyone watched this youtube video..?
  3. Ace Warslave

    OBG koa

    Where to start I have found that there isnt a lot of information out there to be found on these. There must be 2 model types to buy G serial and the model I have number 5 2086.., is that number the same as the re-issues..? so if anyone can make more sense of this let me know..:fingersx: You...
  4. Ace Warslave

    New to historics 58 stinger on its way

    As the title reads I am new to historics..:) I have often drooled over some of the guitars on here.. On to the guitar Its one of the stinger 58s 2011 model.. Fill me in as to what to expect from this beasty..:hmm:
  5. Ace Warslave


    Here is one for you all to scratch your heads over...:hmm: Gibson LES Paul Standard 1969 Sunburst | eBay
  6. Ace Warslave

    Stars and stripes orville

    Like the the title says stars and stripes orville lp... A few years back when I bought my Gibson les paul standard, the guy who was selling it had listed the orville as well as a couple of others. Now has anyone herd or ever seen one or has pics...:hmm: I did a google search and...
  7. Ace Warslave

    sid poole guitars

    Can anyone here fill me in on sid poole les pauls..:hmm:
  8. Ace Warslave

    83 custom

    Well finely got around to taking a few shots of my 83 custom, It has shaws and is in a very minty condition..:) As with most of this year im seeing they seem to weigh a bit..
  9. Ace Warslave

    EGF-850 greco super real...

    Ok..guys the ones that know why do these guitars fetch such a high price.?. specs are dry-zs matched pair.. included..nitro clownburst finish..$1200.00au..:hmm:
  10. Ace Warslave

    orville bridges...

    i have noticed on the three orville i have.. joe perry..abr type obg clown burst..nashville k..custom..abr type Is there any reason to what type of bridge they used..:hmm:anyone got some idears...:D
  11. Ace Warslave

    obg 59 re-issue..??

    item number on ebay..170565923077..has no feb on it and a made in usa..:wtf:
  12. Ace Warslave

    ngd..aria pro2 ls500d

    bought from aquamusic item number 300405190676 on ebay..havent taken any phots yet but will..had to do a setup because the action was to low..if anyone has an aria pro2 post them i want to see some more..:thumb:thanks in advance ive got to go to work:D
  13. Ace Warslave

    gibson les paul standard custom shop{u be the judge}

    item number on ebay australia.120481985652..i put the serial number in a search and came up with a date of 1977..:laugh2::laugh2:

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