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  1. cbryan

    "Blue and green should never be seen"

    ... goes the old saying. Fashion advice aside, I don't agree! I already own a Blue Mist Les Paul and am currently eyeing up them there Inverness Green Traditional Pro IIs... Might be a Xmas pressie for me! So what I'd like to request is show me your blue or green LP's! Other custom colours are...
  2. cbryan

    £8000 '88 standard?

    1988 Slash Gibson Les Paul Standard - Not 2008 Slash VOS But An Original '88. | eBay Is this for real? My initial impression, inexperienced as I am, is that this is ambitious? Although nice guitar to be fair. :slash:
  3. cbryan

    Anyone have a cobra?

    I saw this cobra burst on andertons site here in the uk some time ago and fell for it... I was wondering if any of the forumites has a cobraburst they'd like to share pics of?? Found this pic of a cobra from good old google...
  4. cbryan

    How on Earth do I?!

    So, got this kit: Never built a guitar before... Trying to work out how to get something like this: ?? Nothing like starting simple :)
  5. cbryan

    Kit uk

    Any ideas where to get a set-neck LP kit in the UK? I've been trawling the web, and can't find anywhere...
  6. cbryan

    Standard Appreciation Thread

    Just did a search of the forum, couldn't find one of these.. I know you guys need encouragement to post pics of your guitars so I thought I'd start this thread... There's a studio thread, custom thread, traditional thread, goldtop thread.... But no standard thread... So I'll start it off-...
  7. cbryan

    New 2013 Gary Moore studio?

    Meet the new Gary... | Facebook What you guys think? *edit, adding photo:
  8. cbryan

    Big announcement

    Gibsons Facebook page has a post saying there's a live-streamed big announcement today... Any ideas?
  9. cbryan

    Rosewood and Ebony news

    BBC News - Cites meeting: Ebony beats ivory in conservation stakes Article from Auntie this morning about the trade in these two woods (amongst others) Interesting?
  10. cbryan

    Wish-list Les Paul

    So, I spend all day gassing at les Pauls... But there's one or two I keep coming back to. So I thought I would share what my most aspirational Les Paul is. And I'm doing this in the hope you'll share yours.... Here's my dream lp, a 58 reissue just like this one: :shock:
  11. cbryan

    Which les paul? What is this les paul in the background? Some kind of custom?
  12. cbryan

    New premium les Paul's?

    Whole bunch of these on andertons website. Not heard if them before ... Gibson Les Paul Standard Premium Koa Guitar in Desert Burst | Andertons Any information? :) variety of different woods and finishes on offer..
  13. cbryan

    eBay fake?

    2012 Gibson Les Paul Cherry Sunburst - Brand New, Cased. | eBay Is this fake?
  14. cbryan

    When is it a Gibson Les Paul?

    Following recent discussions around epiphones etc, I have a growing interest in how brand loyalty/perception, peer-pressure and confirmation bias affect our view on the value of guitars. With this in mind I have a quick poll just to answer a basic question - when is a Gibson les Paul actually...
  15. cbryan

    Am I barking up the right tree?

    I am finding my orange tiny terror a little short on treble for my tastes. A bit of reading is telling me that swapping out the factory tubes may open things up a bit, is that right? In which case I will obviously need to start learning about tubes etc. :)
  16. cbryan

    Uk luthier

    Hi, is there any Uk-based luthier who can make some basic wiring changes and do a refinish for a reasonable rate? Just looking to turn a LP copy into a fun guitar that I might keep and love rather than get rid of. :dude:
  17. cbryan

    60th Anniversary Les Paul

    Unless my Gibson history is right out, it's the 60th anniversary of the les Paul this year isn't it? Google doesn't know, do you guys have any idea if Gibson are doing anything special guitar-wise for this anniversary? What would you like to see? I guess some kind of 52 reissue would be...
  18. cbryan

    Treble bleed

    Just really checking with the experts :D I've been reading to try and understand how to make my lp trad less muddy at when I roll down the volume.... Is it correct that if I add the right kind of capacitor between the 'hot' and middle lug on the vol pots, this will help with this? Is that all...
  19. cbryan

    Is this a studio?

    (HG082) Gibson Custom Shop 'Traditional' Les Paul Standard Goldtop 2010 | eBay No fret binding etc?
  20. cbryan

    Ngd! Les Paul Trad Premium Finish! Best b-day ever!

    Mrs got me TWO les Paul's for my b-day! This is the first, arrived couple hours ago, had to show you guys as I've been lurking and drooling on here for months! Second one will be ready in few weeks. 2012 traditional in honeyburst with premium finish. I love it! Been staring at it in the shop...

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