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  1. Jim Engen

    CTS push/pull spst wiring/function

    Anyone know how to wire these? It's the kind that have the 2 lugs on top of the black plastic. I have a 2 humbucker with one volume and 3 way toggle. I'm just try to split the coils. Seymour Duncan pickups. I put the red and white wires from the pups and put on each top lug. I don't think that's...
  2. Jim Engen

    Truss rod heel adjustment/length

    I'm currently starting a EB Axis style build but have some questions about truss rod. This will be my 6th build but first one with one piece neck. Actually going to build it with route and skunk strip through the back of the neck. Im thinking of using a Hot rod spoke wheel rod from stewmac. The...
  3. Jim Engen

    Marshall 2266 tube question

    My amp has been sounding slightly different lately. I put new tubes in it and it didn't fix anything. It sounds ok but the body control has no difference from 1 up to about 5. Mid boost sounds different too. One thing I just noticed is that I never noticed before is when I pull v1, v2 stops...
  4. Jim Engen

    I got my guitar back!!!

    I built this last year and traded it away shortly after. Regretted it ever since. I found the guys old contact. He understood why I wanted it back. We made another trade. Now I have it back and I'm loving it!
  5. Jim Engen

    Greenback 2x12 cab build?

    Hi everyone, I just got a Marshall VM 2266 head! I'm Going to build a 2x12 cab for it. I'm Thinking of making it bigger like a 1936 cab because I've heard the Greenbacks are too "boomy" in a smaller box. I want it to be closed back. Right now I'm playing it through a homemade 2x12 with Reaper...
  6. Jim Engen

    3 pickup wiring option

    I'm Wondering if someone could help me with how to wire up this idea. I'm Adding a SD jazz I have to the middle of my guitar. Here is an old post I found and it's exactly what I want: my solution was to wire up a rotary switch in place of the neck tone knob (to keep the stock look.) the...
  7. Jim Engen

    Orange Rocker 30 combo help

    I'm Totally new to tube amps so I just figured I'd ask you guys. I just acquired this. I thought it sounded fine but now I noticed one of the power tubes isn't glowing. Is it easy to just pull them out and replace? Kind of tough to get at. Do I need to have a tech adjust anything when tube...
  8. Jim Engen

    Mesa DC-3

    Ive been looking at(not playing yet) one of these because it's in my price range but wondering why the DC-3 seems to be cheaper on the used market than most Mesa's. Is there a reason? Sound clips I've heard sound pretty good. Thoughts? Jim
  9. Jim Engen

    NGD! Kind of

    Ok guys, the guitar is at my home now. My uncle doesn't want to sell it but he said I could borrow it. I only see him once or twice a year so I'll probably have it for a while. Thanks Burdell. Anyways I need help identifying the year and all that stuff. Maybe it can give us some more Norlin...
  10. Jim Engen

    Custom shop prices?

    I'm sure this question has been asked before but I can't seem to find much. I'm somewhat new to Les Pauls and I'm wondering what makes Custom Shop LP guitars vary so much in price. All of the subtle differences from model to model can't be that significant of a factor. Is it mostly on the tops...
  11. Jim Engen

    '56 reissue '73 gold top?

    I might be acquiring one of these but unsure its a 1973. I hear only about pancake bodies on these but this one has one piece mahogany body and one piece mahogany neck. Wrap tail with embossed p90s. Did they do this in '73? I don't have the guitar right now but I'm curious. Hopefully I get...
  12. Jim Engen

    Opinions and advice needed

    I built this guitar and absolutely love it. I get a great dirty sound out of the HB in the bridge and a great strat sound out of the SC neck pickup. But, I'm missing the nice cleans that a neck HB gives. I thought what if I put a SD Jazz I have next to the SC neck pup? Would I get good cleans...
  13. Jim Engen

    build done!

    My new favorite guitar! I built this one for me so it has everything i like in a guitar. I took the parts off one of my first builds which i might regret but i can always buy more parts down the road. specs: Honduran mahogany body Curly Maple cap Curly Maple bolt neck Indian rosewood...
  14. Jim Engen

    angled bolt on neck

    I'm building a bolt on neck guitar and i need a 1 degree neck angle. My question is how do i drill through the body for the neck bolts at an angle? Neck heal is flat and square so i don't want to mess with that. I haven't routed the neck pocket yet. My other option is not going as deep with the...
  15. Jim Engen

    wiring configuration ideas?

    I'm picking up on a guitar I've been building that has been sitting for a while. The body is already drilled for 2 volume 2 tone. i have a SD custom for the bridge and GFS True coil single coil going in the neck. I never touch the tone knobs on my other guitars so I'm thinking of options for...
  16. Jim Engen

    windows xp recording?

    I'm new to all this stuff so i apologize if the explanations don't make sense. i would like to start tinkering with recording but money is tight. I only have an older computer with windows xp. I know its a 1gb RAM. not sure of the processor off the top of my head. I have a drum set, bass, and...
  17. Jim Engen

    wiring question?

    I just wired up my newly built guitar. I'm not good at doing wiring and everything seems fine except: when i turn the volume knob for the bridge pickup down all the way it only turns the volume down slightly. Neck pickup work as its suppose too. Its a Dimarzio crunch lab with the 5 wires. its a...
  18. Jim Engen

    build complete!

    First of this design and I'm very pleased. Its my first p90 guitar and I'm loving it! GFS p90s and I'm very happy with the tones I'm getting with it. The wraptail is from Philadelphia Luthier for like $25 bucks and with a wound G string it intonates almost perfectly. I recommend it for a budget...
  19. Jim Engen

    p90 guitar

    I've searched and seem to be alot of debate so I'm asking myself. Will shielding the cavities with copper tape do any good in a p90 guitar? I'm ready to assemble a new p90 guitar build and I'm questioning this. I don't want a noisy guitar but if is about the same amount of noise from any single...
  20. Jim Engen

    series wiring a 2x12

    This is a noobie question so bear with me. I'm building my own 2x12 cab and i have two 8 ohm speakers. The amp head only has 8 or 16 ohm hookups. The way i understand it is: i have to wire them in series which makes a 16 ohm cab. Correct? Also I've heard besides a slight loss of tone that using...

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