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  1. HarleyJohansson

    1974 gibby Les Paul Custom in cream

    NOT FOR SALE ANYMORE. there was no interest, I have no need to sell it anymore either so this guitar stays with me.
  2. HarleyJohansson

    1974 gibby Les Paul Custom in cream

    bumpity bump, still for sale
  3. HarleyJohansson

    1974 gibby Les Paul Custom in cream

    Vintage 1974 Gibson Les Paul Custom White LP & Case | Gibson Custom Guitars This is an old listing of the guitar.
  4. HarleyJohansson

    1974 gibby Les Paul Custom in cream

    Due to unforeseen circumstances, I am thinking of parting with my super beloved 1974 Gibson Les Paul Custom in "alpine white", umm, lovely cream color, serial number 205869 ...that I actually bought here off a forum member from Florida about 2 years ago, the guitar was bought from Rocknroll...
  5. HarleyJohansson

    Pickup covers

    It's well worth it taking to a professional. It's a cheap and easy job and there is no need to stress on your part. By the way... You said you were plug and play... In ideal world that MEANS using nothing but your amp and guitar tone/volume controls. A prospect that some folks can only dream...
  6. HarleyJohansson

    Rhythm Trouble extremely bad experience

    Nice! Is the company owned by a 12 year old?
  7. HarleyJohansson

    Don't See Many Of These

    I don't like mini hums but this is damn hot... Still at about 5000. If it stayed at that price, I could get it... *daydreams*
  8. HarleyJohansson

    What's so special about a '74 Custom?

    It's inherently more cool, because you just can't reproduce the sound of an old plank of wood, old electronics and pups :)
  9. HarleyJohansson

    Luthier/Tech List

    Any more good luthier suggestions in southeastern MI? Has anyone had their guitar done by Tom Pellerito near Ypsilanti, MI?
  10. HarleyJohansson

    Would throbak mxv fit a T Top?

    ...also, matching the pole pieces... I am gonna grab a new set, but how should I age them? I haven't found any aged polepieces on the net.. And shiny gold won't go along well with the sort of oxidized look of the neck ones. Vinegar?
  11. HarleyJohansson

    Would throbak mxv fit a T Top?

    Excuse me if this should be in the norlin section, but I don't think so... Anyways, I have a 74 custom in cream and I am going to have to change the bridge pup cover next time I take it to a luthier. Some knob jockey in the past has clearly changed the original to a cover that doesn't really...
  12. HarleyJohansson

    What's so special about a '74 Custom?

    Doubtful the inlay adds any value whatsoever, in fact, I specifically looked for a guitar without one and not because of Rhoads, but I just really dislike it and I also believe that there are fewer 74's out there without it. 74 is the closest you can get to the big collectibles in my opinion for...
  13. HarleyJohansson

    Please help me identify this pick

    Looks like Herdim to me as well… and that’s also the reason why you’re having trouble finding what it is and where to get them. Even if this particular pick was still made, which is sort of doubtful, it will be near impossible to find. Maybe in Europe…? Where most little...
  14. HarleyJohansson

    Cleaning my fretboard?

    …and just to make sure, don’t buy an actual lemon oil, as it’s got nothing to do with lemons. Sorry, I had to.
  15. HarleyJohansson

    I love goooooooOOoooOlllld

    Well then all I can do is drool right now. Is it possible to try ‘em out, though… somewhere?
  16. HarleyJohansson

    I love goooooooOOoooOlllld

    This is awesome, but I badly want one of your Banshees :D
  17. HarleyJohansson

    In a bit of a conundrum here fellas.

    Wow. I'd buy that in a heartbeat
  18. HarleyJohansson

    1959 Historic wildwood spec LP

    B e a u t i f u l. Promise to take care of her for me, will ya? :D
  19. HarleyJohansson

    mini humbuckers vs. p 90's

    Love p90's and I like mini hums as well, they both have their own place, but in my opinion, if you can only have one type, p90's are the ones to go for, I personally believe they are just a little bit more versatile.

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