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  1. TheRockMan

    NGD and New member

    One of the best looking Epiphone LP that I've seen on the internet! Congratz and HNGD!
  2. TheRockMan

    New 2011 LP Custom Classic PICS

    That's a really beautiful guitar dude! I saw it yesterday, on Musician's Friend website... I'd buy it, if I had the money :S I really like the Alpine White finish... The fingerboard doesn't look bad... but I think a rosewood one looks better. Anyway, it's a fantastic guitar! Is it chambered?
  3. TheRockMan

    Pickguard question...

    I keep the screws on just because I think the holes are worse :thumb:
  4. TheRockMan

    New LP Gothic Morte

    GEM pickups... EMG pickups... That's suspicious :hmm:
  5. TheRockMan

    Please HELP! need to choose between 2 Les Pauls by tomorrow MORN!!!!

    Wow that looks really good. Congrats man! :thumb:
  6. TheRockMan

    NGD!! Gibson LP Traditional!

    Thanks!! Desert Burst RULES! :thumb:
  7. TheRockMan

    NGD!! Gibson LP Traditional!

    Mi First LP!! Just received this beauty an hour ago. I'm sooo happy :thumb: First Impressions: The guitar came perfect and it's adjusted very well. No fret buzzing and cracks or anything like that. It sounds amazing! And it looks great! It's a Desert Burst finish. Here's a bad pic. I...
  8. TheRockMan

    NGD!! Standard Traditional Plus!

    I have tried this guitar today and the only thing I can say it's: AMAZING! :thumb: The sound was realy nice and the feel too. I liked the 50' neck, for me it isn't very fat. I ordered one in Desert Burst and it will arrive on Monday. Can't wait to play it! :applause: CONGRATS!! :)
  9. TheRockMan

    Sam ash exclusive/limited model?

    That's a very beautiful guitar!!!!:thumb: Does Sam Ash ship to Spain? :hmm:
  10. TheRockMan

    the official Les Paul Traditional love thread

    It looks really nice!! :thumb: Congrats!! I think it's the best Cherry Sunburst I have ever seen on a Trad. :)
  11. TheRockMan

    Gibson Les Paul necks - 50s and 60s

    Yes, the Traditional Pro has the 60' slim neck and satin finish. It's a fast and comfortable neck:thumb:
  12. TheRockMan

    Nicest Les Paul Traditional finish?

    Desert Burst RULES!!! :dude:
  13. TheRockMan

    New to Forum

    VERY NICE!!! :wow: I'm going to buy that guitar this month. The Desert Burst looks AMAZING! :thumb:
  14. TheRockMan

    Red Rocker or Trad Plus?

    If I buy the Traditional, I'll put a SD 59' in the neck position and a Alnico Pro II in the bridge position. Is this a good pickups configuration?
  15. TheRockMan

    Comment by 'TheRockMan' in media 'Traditional - SLR'

    That's one of the nicest Trads I have ever seen! :wow:
  16. TheRockMan

    Red Rocker or Trad Plus?

    The Standard has the locking tuners, chambering (it weights less, this may be an improvement or not) and the assymetrical profile neck. If I don't like the Traditional's weight or neck, I'll buy the Standard
  17. TheRockMan

    Red Rocker or Trad Plus?

    Thanks for the advice! I'll try the three guitars and i'll buy the one that fits better to me :)
  18. TheRockMan

    Red Rocker or Trad Plus?

    That's a niceee top!
  19. TheRockMan

    Red Rocker or Trad Plus?

    I'm going to buy one of these guitars so I want to know wich is better. The Sammy Hagar LP is sweet but the logo in the headstock isn't very beautiful. I really like the red finish. The Trad Plus is a very beautiful guitar too but it's 100 euros more expensive and now they don't have stock...
  20. TheRockMan

    Gibson Les Paul Classic Reissue 60 ' (Pics and Vids)

    Is it chambered or just weight relieved? Thanks for the answer. :)

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