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  1. dbwalker

    2 Les Pauls with bad hanger rash

    I picked up a pair of traditionals 2011 tobacco burst and a 2012 satin ebony, original owner basically used them as wall decoration hanging up, nitro where the hangers made contact on the to the 2011 heastock is pretty well melted and jacked up like somebody rested a curling iron on it, the...
  2. dbwalker

    I'm looking for pickup trim rings used on the 2017 Firebird T

    recently I picked up a 2013 Firebird V, it has the traditional flat pickup rings for firebird minis, I'm looking for where to get the angled trim rings they used on the 2017 models, anyone have any ideas? I've been searching around on google reverb etc. to no avail, Gibsons part #s are 430-13886...
  3. dbwalker

    Firebird mini pickup risers?

    recently I picked up a 2013 Firebird, it has the traditional flat pickup rings "firebird minis" and I'm looking for where to get the angled risers they used on the 2017 models, anyone have any ideas? I've been searching around on google reverb etc. to no avail
  4. dbwalker

    NGD 2021 Ultima

    Never thought I would get one of these, beyond stoked
  5. dbwalker

    NGD 2014 Traditional Pro ii

    I haven't had a Floyd guitar in years, had many from the 80s through the 90s, this thing is awesome sauce, push push pots for the coil taps work nicely and sounds great, the floyd is fantastic, very happy with this one
  6. dbwalker

    78 Explorer tuners help

    So I picked up a 78 Explorer that needs a bit of work, at some point the guitar fell off a stand and took a hit on the high E tuner "these are the 6 on a plate" their all pretty worn out reguardless and Im looking for replacements, Klusons 6 on a plate all measurements except plate length are...
  7. dbwalker

    Gibson 3-point TOM Refurbished

    So I searched high and low for saddles for my 83 Gibson 3-point TOM bridge to no avail, so being that I was bound and determined to keep the original bridge on this guitar I modified a new set of saddles to fit. Used a set of StewMac #4505 current saddles not pre 2000, opened the screw holes up...
  8. dbwalker

    just showing off my 83 silver Custom

    so I've posted about things with this guitar off and on for several years as it was my #1 go to for a long time, I'm still working on saddles for the original 3 point bridge and I do need to get a fret job done (original frets are worn down to the point that the fretboard is starting to get a...
  9. dbwalker

    Top adjust TOM saddle replacements?

    hi all, well I finally put my 83 custom all back to original after 20 years of it sitting with aftermarket parts on it, sounds great but I have one issue that I need to deal with on it, the guitar has a Top adjust TOM bridge, saddles are held in the same way as a standard TOM bridge with the...
  10. dbwalker

    help identifying custom shop flame top

    I'll try to get pics on here later, budy of mine has a beautiful tea burst flame top, custom shop logo on the back of the head stock, nickle hardware, gold top hats, kluson tuners, tunomatic bridge, 6 digit serial 891086, custom art historic on the case, anyone know year and anything else about...
  11. dbwalker

    I just scored big time (PIC HEAVY and more to come)

    I just bought a collectors grade 83 korina explorer with the custom shop edition decal on the back of the head stock at an estate sale, at a stupid low price
  12. dbwalker

    potted Tim Shaw pickup questions

    hi all, about 20 years ago I potted the bridge pickup out of my 83 custom "it squealed like crazy" at the time I had already put other pickups in the guitar and never got around to putting it back in and trying it out, I dont remember if the neck pickup squealed also but it most likely did...
  13. dbwalker

    eye protection may be necessary

    My 96 custom shop, haven't had this guitar out in quite a few years, anybody appreciate a full blown large flake glitter top?
  14. dbwalker

    03 Gibson les Paul quilt top premium plus
  15. dbwalker

    prefered shipping methods, experiances?

    Hi all, I'm looking in to selling a few of my guitars and am trying to figure out what is the best service to use for shipping if I use EBAY/ Reverb or if a member here buys one, what seems to be cost effective and safest? UPS/ USPS/ Fedex, what are you guys using? I notice on ebay many charge a...
  16. dbwalker

    contemplating letting my 2003 rootbeer quiltop go

    I have owned this guitar since 2010, when I first got it I found another forum member that had one of these, he was under the impression that there were 40 of these ordered by Music Machine, later I found another for sale from Music Machine where they said they had only ordered 10, I now have...
  17. dbwalker

    looks like a great deal on a white 75 LP custom

    I was looking at this but it's a bit far away for me & I went with a Supreme instead for my NGD, maybe somebody else will dig on this Craigslist find Gibson Les Paul Custom (Vintage 1975)
  18. dbwalker

    tax return = NGD soon, LP Supreme? GOT!

    I haven't been on here in quite some time, when I found out what my tax return was I decided it's time to start hunting down a new guitar since it's been a couple years, I came across a Les Paul Supreme at a pretty good price that I'm really interested in & knowing that they have been faked...
  19. dbwalker

    thinking refret my old faithfull

    my 83 solid silver custom was my main axe for many years, eventually it got set aside for other guitars that have better frets on them due to that I pretty much wore it out over the years, I have plenty of guitars to choose from so it's not a must but i miss playing that guitar. here is where...
  20. dbwalker

    guitar collection for sale

    so this guy has a huge collection of Gibson Les Paul's & Fender Strats for sale, some very nice Guitars, as I'm looking them over I notice he has his dates wrong on the late 70s & 80s Les Paul's, so I send him a polite message explaining the dating for these guitars, the message I get back is...

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