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    Do you know what paf and ttop this guy has in his r9

    I was researching something similar a few years back and remember that video. I'm pretty sure the T-Top replica is a Gibson 490R with the magnet swapped for a short A5. There's a bit of info here: T-Top Replica? No idea about the neck though.
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    Looking at a used 2017 ...

    Hi. I've got a 2017 59 'standard' model which I bought a few months back. Fantastic guitar! The rest of the flock hasn't had much playtime since I got it. I'm interested in whether it's a re-purposed TH or not. Can anyone tell me what the 'tells' are? It's s/n is 9 7731.
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    Stew Mac Amp Kits

    If you’re in Germany, the Tube Town is good Looks like there do Fender kits.
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    Uberschall Runaway bias voltage...

    Hi, I've got a rev blue uber which I switched to jj kt77s a few months back with no problems. Bias is about 30 as well. I run mine with a two notes, so they are doing some work. Do you notice any buzzing from the trannys when it's cooking? The jj e34ls that I had in there were good, but I think...
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    80 watt Bogner Shiva as a bedroom amp?

    I've got a Shiva 20th that I use at bedroom volumes all the time and sounds great. The MVs was one of the things that started my costly Bogner love affair.
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    98 LP Standard - kluson tuners?

    Hi, I've got a 2000 which I did this to with Tonepro Klusons. They do a set which is designed for the 10mm Grover sized hole which should be the same as 135Ns will take. There's two screws on each tuner, below and above. The bottom one aligns with the existing hole, so you could fix them in...
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    Bare Knuckle The Mule

    Hi, I've got a set of Mules in an ES339 and haven' seen anything like this. If the difference is as big as 1/3, then the Mules are not that mismatched and would have to be seriously out of whack height wise to explain it. Have you checked the DC resistance of both of the pickups now that they...
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    Replacing active EMGs with (passive) Bareknuckles in my Schecter Solo

    Actives to passive's is going to be a pretty re-wiring job. You need to change out the pots as well as the pickups (EMGs use 25k, most passive humbuckers tend to prefer 500k pots). You'll need likely new caps for the tone pots as well (.022uf is common for passive HBs. EMGs use a .1uF). The...
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    Ernie Ball Cobalt strings

    I use them on my main guitar (i.e. my LP). I really like them, especially now that the price has dropped round here (Germany). One of the things that I really like about them that hasn't been mentioned so far is that the tuning stability seems much better than nickels or steels to me.
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    50s Wiring Confusion

    I determined to get to the bottom of this, so i ripped out the switch wiring (which was still the original Gibson telephone cable) and replaced it with braided wiring, back to 50s for both pickups. Well, suffice it to say that the problem has now gone, and the neck now sounds great right...
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    50s Wiring Confusion

    Hi, I installed 50's wiring in my LP (2000 standard) about 3 years ago. I re-did all of the wiring at the same time (added Russian PIOs, 500k CTS custom tapers etc). Although this was much better than the stock wiring, I've always suffered from neck pickup muddiness. So I ended up going...
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    BEST 50's MODS on a 2001 Gibson Les Paul Standard

    I've done something pretty similar with my 2000 standard. Changes that I've made, in order of the amount of tonal difference they make: 1, 50's wiring / 500(+)k pots & PIO .022 caps (russian). This changed it from being a really dark & muffled sounding guitar (I must have tried about 5...
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    WTB: 50s Wiring harness for ES-339 located in Europe?

    Hi Paul, Thanks for the quick reply. I've mailed him (I mentioned your name). Cheers, Ian
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    WTB: 50s Wiring harness for ES-339 located in Europe?

    Hi, I'm looking for a pre-made wiring harness for a Gibson ES-339 from someone located in Europe. The prices for shipping and import duty for these things from the US make it too expensive to import. Now that Luke Macauley doesn't seem to be around any longer, is anyone else offering these...
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    Broken Leg!

    Email SD to see if I can get one? So simple, it's brilliant! I've given it a go - let's see what they come back with. Otherwise, I'll try the other routes. Cheers for your help, Ian
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    Broken Leg!

    Hi, I in moment of pure genius, I managed to snap one of the legs off of my SD Jazz neck. It had got a touch bent in storage, so I though "I'll just straighten that out....":eek2: I haven't found any way of getting a replacement SD base, short of taking it off another pickup, so does...
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    FS Pickups, Tuners Gibson Case and more

    Hi, I could be interested in one of the sets of MHDs if you've still got them. Any idea what the shipping to Bonn in Germany would be? Also, have you still got the covers for the Home Wreckers and if so are they nickel, chrome or gold? Cheers, Ian
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    Replacement Magnets in Europe?

    Still no luck with this. Rockinger only does A5's. There's one guy that I've found based in Germany: Bar Magnets - DEAD END PICKUPS However, the minimum order is €35, and while the guy's prices are pretty good (by European standards, anyway), that's going to be more magnets than I can...
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    Replacement Magnets in Europe?

    Hmmm... Not so simple, it would appear: Rockmonkey's email address is returned and the guy's not returning phone calls. Allstar have a minimum order of $100. No way that I'm going to need that many. SKGuitar don't have any prices for international shipping and haven't answered my...
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    Replacement Magnets in Europe?

    Fantastic stuff! Many thanks. Just to be sure (I haven't taken the old magnet out of the SD Jazz yet), is 2.5" x .5" x 0.125" the right size for the replacement? Cheers, Ian

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