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  1. Red Beard

    The deals are still out there

    My good buddy texts me the other night,a Turdbook add,Mesa 2x12 cabinet $250 Little beat up no major issues and its a vertical Rectifier,late 90’s full of V30’s One old fashion telephone call later its in the van Picking it up i find out the guys got a nice Charvel SanDimas 2 for $450 to! I said...
  2. Red Beard

    There it was

    I got rid of a LTD EC few years ago and always wish i had kept it So today i picked up new to me cabinet and wanted to grab a A&B pedal at my local mom an pop shop and i walked in the door and there it was,,for killer price to So since i had the studio tore apart anyway i grabbed a head and a...
  3. Red Beard

    Luthier built Jr trade

    Ed Davis,(Fifty Eight Guitars) Franklin model Custom Les Paul Jr Soild Korina,59 style fat neck,Sandford P90,Rock n Roll machine,hand built with best parts,outstanding guitar Looking for Startocaster,SSS,love to find a Hendrix or Robert Cray,Jimmy Vaughn,Clapton sigs Vintage or classic style...
  4. Red Beard

    Hipshot guitar tunner kit 3+3 trade for Vintage guitar tunner 3+3 kit

    So i picked up a sweet Custom 57’ Jr by Ed Davis and i really dig it An important mod for me on any guitar is a locking tunner upgrade A good friend had a brand new set of Hipshot 3+3 upgrade kit open gear but there 10mm and my Jr is vintage style drilled for 8.5mm So i thought id see if anyone...
  5. Red Beard

    Umm,,custom made Jr or do i call it a replica?

    So did some horse trading for a killer little Jr! All Korina,Sanford 9077 dog ear P90,Ed Davis,Fifty Eight Guitars,Franklin model Its based on 1957 Jr with 1959 neck The Sanford P90 is hot and full,,cant put the chubby little bastard down And brothers and sisters its a screamer!
  6. Red Beard

    Mesa Boogie Subway Blues trade

    Tittle says it all I got a mint Boogie Subway Blues 20w 1x10”Weber NEO speaker Great clean sounding Boogie Im looking for Marshall heads,,DSL 15/20w or something in the tone range,,,maybe even the right SG/LP Special,,Jr,,Melody Maker,,LTD EC???Decent guitars??? I havent seen one of these if you...
  7. Red Beard

    Gota teach the wife the difference between a SG and a Les Paul

    Fucking love it,,,its one of those guitars ya know is special when you pic it up “What do you want for Christmas baby”? New Les Paul “Did i get the right one”? Ahhh yes my love yes you did….. I guess ill get a truss cover with les paul on it
  8. Red Beard

    Needed new toy

    Good deal couldnt pass up Very soild,impressive construction Im thinkn ill throw a set of Whole lota humbuckers in her

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