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  1. Jonathan_alvarez

    Original Les Paul Custom

    This is a very original Les Paul Custom. Les playing his own LP with customs .... stuff in it. Who is who to argue what makes a guitar a beautiful guitar or what makes an original Les Paul ? if the man whose design based the model and have his name on the headstock keep changing it. Purist ...
  2. Jonathan_alvarez


    Hi guys: The Les Paul Standard Plus Top PRO started production in 2012 , as per I would assume there should be a few around , but it seems people don't mentioned them much in the forum. Everything seems to...
  3. Jonathan_alvarez

    Hola / G'day. Epi Les Paul Top Plus Pro Mohave

    Jonathan here , writing from Melbourne Australia. I start learning to play guitar in August 2018 (about 2 years ago) with a Tanglewood crossroads. That came after playing other instruments like Venezuelan Cuatro and Bass guitar for some good years before hand. For some reason I avoided playing...

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