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  1. Ozzy Mandeus

    What GLP are you using as a phone background?

    Nice dogs too guys, here's my lock screen
  2. Ozzy Mandeus

    What GLP are you using as a phone background?

    Today it's an ELP... It's ok, there's a telecaster in my picture. Nice amp btw.
  3. Ozzy Mandeus

    What GLP are you using as a phone background?

    I'm bored and my phone is almost flat. What do you love enough to stare at all day?
  4. Ozzy Mandeus

    Selling my guitars :-(

    UK prices - £1000 to £1200 for the trad as a private/ebay sale, around £800 for the strat. Both prices depend on colour, spec and how fast you want to sell. Most music shops would buy both on the spot, but only offer you a grand for the pair.
  5. Ozzy Mandeus

    Pet peeve of mine

    .....except Helium :naughty:
  6. Ozzy Mandeus

    Seagull tries to save friend: Seagull vs. Eagle

    ^ agreed! Seagulls are a pita. There is a colony of them near here that have figured out that landfill is easier to live on than cliffs. B'stards....
  7. Ozzy Mandeus

    Parachute jumping

    No, surface area plays a large part in terminal velocity.. Drop them in a vacuum however, and at least we won't hear Yoko on the way down.
  8. Ozzy Mandeus

    Parachute jumping

    You and me both mate. I've got this far without ever leaving the ground! Having said that, there IS enough money in the world to cause me to change my mind. :laugh2:
  9. Ozzy Mandeus

    Guitarwork you heard as a teen (or younger) that blew you away.... This, this and a thousand times THIS. For my age group at least, this song introduced me to - Guitar based rock Riffs The Les Paul MTV (didn't arrive in the UK for another several years, but we knew it existed!) Headbands. OK, the headbands didn't...
  10. Ozzy Mandeus

    Question for DVD experts.. Need help!

    All I'm getting from this thread is that you bought a blu-ray player which is a Sony, but for some reason isn't a PS4. :hmm:
  11. Ozzy Mandeus

    The Vinyl Curse

    Heh, I put Led Zep III on for the first time in at least a decade the other week and some *ahem* "dust" fell out of the cover.
  12. Ozzy Mandeus

    Crazy movie theories

    Marcellus Wiley. Marcellus Wallace.
  13. Ozzy Mandeus

    The Official JoeSatch Clip Hosting Thread Cheating again - old btom tracks :) I will get something new done soon - it's the weekend!
  14. Ozzy Mandeus

    What font is this?

    33 free retro fonts | Typography | Creative Bloq Good bunch here. #22 seems fairly close...
  15. Ozzy Mandeus


    That isn't $150 worth of bass.
  16. Ozzy Mandeus

    The weirdest thing happened when I opened my guitar case today...

    I took an already freaky looking pic of some cats, made it much worse with a clone tool and then fed it to dreamdeeply. Dream deeply Oddly, it seems to mostly ignore the cats and just draws dogs over the top.
  17. Ozzy Mandeus

    A composite Les Paul?

    Sorry, I couldn't let Composite Video pass by here unnoticed. :naughty:
  18. Ozzy Mandeus

    Anger management issues

    Thanks! :thumb: First go at building a guitar. Sort of happened by accident - I won the ash blank on ebay for £10 then had to think of something to do with it. I was going to build a tele with P90 and wraparound, but changed my mind at the last moment because I had a mahogany neck blank and no...
  19. Ozzy Mandeus

    A composite Les Paul?

    Maybe they could also make it capable of posting videos for you.

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