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    50s Wiring Confusion

    Hi, I installed 50's wiring in my LP (2000 standard) about 3 years ago. I re-did all of the wiring at the same time (added Russian PIOs, 500k CTS custom tapers etc). Although this was much better than the stock wiring, I've always suffered from neck pickup muddiness. So I ended up going...
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    WTB: 50s Wiring harness for ES-339 located in Europe?

    Hi, I'm looking for a pre-made wiring harness for a Gibson ES-339 from someone located in Europe. The prices for shipping and import duty for these things from the US make it too expensive to import. Now that Luke Macauley doesn't seem to be around any longer, is anyone else offering these...
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    Broken Leg!

    Hi, I in moment of pure genius, I managed to snap one of the legs off of my SD Jazz neck. It had got a touch bent in storage, so I though "I'll just straighten that out....":eek2: I haven't found any way of getting a replacement SD base, short of taking it off another pickup, so does...
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    Replacement Magnets in Europe?

    Hi, First post on here. It seems like if anyone would know, then someone on here will... I'm trying to get my neck hb sorted out. At the moment, I've got the stock 490R(A2) back in there, it's OK, but it's pretty nice clean, but I'm finding that it's pretty awful with gain. It mushes up...

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