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  1. InkedLester

    Any San Antonio Instructors here?

    Just curious if there's any guitar teachers in the San Antonio area that frequent this wonderful site?
  2. InkedLester

    Going Back to Fender: NAD

    Well after many amps and trial and error attempts to find my tone, I decided to go back to where it all started with my blues playing and purchase a Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue. I made the mistake of selling one years ago and have chased that tone with expensive and cheap amps along the way...
  3. InkedLester

    Pedals for ZZ??

    Just curious if anyone gets a good ZZ Top sound out of their Strat with a clean amp by using pedals? Which ones do you like?
  4. InkedLester

    Your Favorite Strat Amp and Rig?

    What's your favorite amp for playing blues and rock with a Strat? What's your setup? Pics? Vids? Let's get some Strat blues going here!
  5. InkedLester

    Anyone use WGS Speakers?

    I ordered a ET65 to try something new in my Blackstar based on their recommendation. Put it in and I'm not really impressed. Sounds a hair louder and more trebly, though WGS said it would be warmer and rounder. Put the Blackstar speaker back in. For grins then I replaced the pre amp...
  6. InkedLester

    Your Favorite Position

    We all have one, or two, or... What's yours...
  7. InkedLester

    NGD: Custom Shop 60s

    Been a while since I got a Strat; and while I love my LPs, I've determined that overall I just play a Strat more and that it's more comfortable for my size hands and playing style. Plus, most of my guitar gods play Strats. :) I was in a buddies shop and he had a brand new 2103 CS 60s Heavy...
  8. InkedLester

    Wanted: Usa strat for cheap

    Who's got a good-great condition USA Strat they don't play? I'm looking for something to play around on, but mostly my college daughter is home for the summer and she's trying to learn and I'd like something nice for her to play on!
  9. InkedLester

    If you could only have one???

    I'm posting this here since I have my share of R9s and I like the activity we get here in the Historic area. I love my Les Pauls. I love my Strats. Lately I've tried several custom brands through my buddies guitar shop such as Fano, Suhr, PRS, Knaggs and a few others. I am on a budget...
  10. InkedLester

    Pickguard On or Off???

    Just because we never have enough controversy in this section...
  11. InkedLester

    Friedman Question

    I'm looking at some of these models as my first real boutique amp. Just curious what's the difference between the PT-20 and the Mini DS? Also, any others you great folks would recommend in this price range? Thanks
  12. InkedLester

    Learn Me Somethin...

    Pardon my ignorance of how amps work. I have a Blackstar Club 40. Great amp. Love all the tones I can get out of this thing. I'm curious however; what exactly does the gain knob versus the drive channel volume versus the master do? I understand the master really controls the overall...
  13. InkedLester

    Show Me Your Ice Teas!!!!

    Since all the lemon heads are doing it, I figured us tea drinkers should do the same! Here's mine! I love this thing! The flames are 3D and it sounds awesome! And the first person to post a photo of a lemon or a glass of ice tea owes me lunch!
  14. InkedLester


    Does MLP has a mobile site such as TapTalk??
  15. InkedLester

    NGD: R9!!!! Again!!!!

    So I recently acquired a '14 R9 Sunrise Teaburst Gloss. A freakin amazing guitar in every sense of the word. And it was only 7.6 pounds!!! But, it was a gloss finish and for some OCD reason that always bugs me. I'm simply a VOS guy. Not sure why. Just am. So, a buddy of mine who sells...
  16. InkedLester

    Mixolydian Chart?

    Does anyone have a good photo/printout of the mixolydian form? Thanks
  17. InkedLester

    Can You Just Take Off a PUP Cover???

    I've always kept my guitars stock. I'm curious if you can just remove a pickup cover or is there anything else you have to do if you remove it? Pros and cons? Thanks
  18. InkedLester

    Removing Gloss

    Just curious if there's a way to remove the gloss finish without ruining the guitar? Also, is there a way to dull the finish on the gloss pup covers, again without ruining? I love my R9, but I really love the VOS look more. I'd rather not buy all new covers, parts, etc, but at the same time...
  19. InkedLester

    Calling All Blackstar HT5 Users....

    I have an HT5R (limited Red version), the more I play it, the more I like the tone. I'm just curious if anyone has ever done a speaker swap and if so, for what model and why? Thanks! :D
  20. InkedLester

    Blackstar vs. Marshall

    Not trying to open a can of worms :) just looking for input. I've owned both, liked both, sold both. Looking for a decent amp. Don't gig but like good tone at both low and high volume. I have a buddies Blackstar HT5 right now I'm using. No complaints. I'm trying to decide if I should...

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