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    Les Paul Traditional vs Les Paul Standard

    Hi boys and girls, I had a LP standard stolen and the insurance company is replacing it with a LP Traditional 2008 model. Just wondering what the major differences are and what you guys think of the LP Traditional. I look forward to your comments. Cheers! Freddy.
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    Sought after opinion(s) on Gibson Les Paul Smart Wood Series?

    HI I'm looking at a Gibson Les Paul Smartwood series and I was wondering if I could get opinion from you very knowledgeable people out there. A guy is selling the guitar for NZ$2000 ($1,733.43 USD). I've seen the photos the guitar is in mint condition. I'm not sure what year it is. I'm yet...
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    'Vintage' status for LP studios?

    I have been told by a couple of music stores staff from different stores that the Les Paul Studios will never gain 'vintage' status, even after the 20 year period, because (quote) "they're cheap Gibsons" :shock:. Does anyone know/have an opinion about this? :confused:
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    New Les Paul Studios... Made of plastic???

    Hi I'm gonna ask one of those stupid questions I'm really good at and quite possibly offend a few guitar owners out there (and I apologise in advance). I went to my local music shop yesterday to try a good old Cry Baby and the guy gave me a 07 Les Paul Studio Alpine White (he asked me what...
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    Ebony fingerboard on LP Studio

    This might seem like a really stupid question but I'm gonna ask anyway. My 95 les paul studio has an ebony fretboard. It seems to be pretty unusual, as I think I've come across only one other with the typically black fretboard in all these years. Are they rare/uncommon? Does anyone know...
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    Gibson Les Paul Studio paint quality. Average?

    I was just wondering if I could get some feedback out there from other Les Paul Studio owners, who have had a Studio for quite a while. I bought my black Les Paul 15 years ago and have used it fairly consistently over the years. It sounds great but the paint job has faded quite heavily on the...

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