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  1. monsterwalley

    New graphic for new graphics room

    Lol.... Very large gut shot of a 67 100 watt plexi replica I built years ago..... I am moving into a new shop and didn't want our graphics room looking too bland. Fit the wall pretty good. Why not?:thumb:
  2. monsterwalley

    Remembered another reason I hate PC's

    My daughter wanted a laptop for Christmas for her school work. She wanted what the other kids had so I obliged. Got it fired up and went through all the bullshit to get it going. First off, the damn hard drive never quits rattling. drives me crazy. 2nd thing, every time she uses it she has...
  3. monsterwalley

    NBD! First Harley!

    As title states, First Harley :thumb: I've got a two bulging disks in my low back, so what do I do? Drive by a Harley that catches my eye and buy it. But it screamed "buy me"!! Loved the 4 mile ride home, other than killing my back. Now I get to just look at it in the garage until I get my...
  4. monsterwalley

    maple neck/fretboard with binding finish question.

    As the title states. I built a bound maple neck with maple fretboard. Getting to finish stages and am looking suggestions on how to finish. This is my first time dealing with a maple fretboard. Typically I would mask the fretboard and finish everything else. I will be spraying nitro and have...
  5. monsterwalley

    shop fox pin router heads up!

    Know everyone is on the hunt for these. Shop Fox Pin Router | eBay
  6. monsterwalley

    Something I couldn't do when married

    I know this doesn't belong in the luthier corner. It is the door to my workshop where i build guitars though and there is an unfinished guitar in the picture.:thumb: I had a little extra material left over from doing a vehicle wrap and hated to throw it out. I took a gut shot of my 67 spec...
  7. monsterwalley

    Buffing machine (scratch built)

    Ok, I had a couple other threads related to this. One was me bitching/whining about wet sanding and drill buffing. The other was about requesting info about the size of the pulley on the arbor to keep the wheels at the proper speed. I could have put this in with the 2nd thread, but though...
  8. monsterwalley

    buffing arbor pulley size?

    To go along with my other thread ranting about the sanding and buffing process, I asked about pulling the trigger on a stewmac set up. Well I got to digging around the shop and I already have everything I need to build one basically. I've got 1" pillow blocks, a 1725 3/4 hp motor. I have a...
  9. monsterwalley

    Sanding and Buffing Rant!!!

    Hate it! Simple as that….. I know I have a negative attitude going into it and that doesn't help. Seems like I just chase my tail. I know I tend to rush this stage and try as I may can't help it. I am the most patient man on earth on every other aspect of building guitars, but this drives...
  10. monsterwalley

    Now I can finally repair my 57 tv headstock

    Thanks Voices :thumb:
  11. monsterwalley

    question for members who are cops

    First off, this isn't meant to troll, bait or get anyone pissed off. Just a quick question. I see Alec Baldwin was arrested in NYC for riding his bicycle against traffic. He didn't have ID so they cuffed him and hauled him in to the precinct. He got two summons. One for the bike violation...
  12. monsterwalley

    Old Corvette

    Went to a local car show and was surprised to see the car I restored 10 years ago. The guy I did it for put it in his garage and shut the door and never brought it back out. I'd bet it still has the original gas in it when it left my place lol….. Specs: 57 270 horse 283 with the 2x4...
  13. monsterwalley

    Woot! New Saw Day!!

    Been needing one for a while. Woodcraft has them on sale till the end of the month for $799. 14" and the riser block is built in so to speak. I'm used to Powermatic and delta and such. Rikon sounds cheesy, and I had my doubts, but the reviews and people I talked to seemed really positive...
  14. monsterwalley

    First Laminated neck question

    I'm doing my first laminated neck (3 piece) My first thought was using Hide glue, but don't think I can get the job done with the short open time. Also, worried about ever having to pull the fretboard off with heat way down the road, hopefully that never has to happen. 2nd thought is urea...
  15. monsterwalley

    finally bought a glue pot

    As the title states. After 4 years of screwing around with a glass jar in boiling water on the stove, then racing after it reaches temperature to my assembly area with a boiling pot without sloshing water all over the carpet, I finally broke down and bought a glue pot. Used it to glue in a neck...
  16. monsterwalley

    I think I have experienced every finish dilema...

    So I'm finishing up a guitar I sprayed out a month ago. I got it all sanded nice and pretty, and started buffing it out. Well, i noticed on the back that there were some scratches still in the finish that I needed to touch up with sandpaper. I usually wet sand with naptha. In the past...
  17. monsterwalley

    Looking for ideas and opinions on finish for latest build.

    I am getting to the finishing stage of my daughters guitar. I previously built her a scaled down guitar a few years back, inspired by pinefd and told her when she was ready for lessons, I would build her a full size...
  18. monsterwalley

    needing prayers and good vibes.

    for my mom. She is in trouble right now. Wednesday she went to the local doctor not Feeling good. She was immediately sent to the hospital and from there sent to an ICU 50 miles away. She's having a hole in her heart repaired, a valve put in, and bypass surgery. 8-10 hour surgery. Sitting...
  19. monsterwalley

    Burn out,,,, Car that is, not me........

    Just because it's freekin kool........:thumb: Nene NHRA - Ford 34 Drag Rat V8 Blower - Burnout - YouTube
  20. monsterwalley

    WTF... Boston bomber not read miranda rights.

    Yahoo front page, Immediately after Dzhokhar’s capture, federal prosecutors stirred controversy in legal circles by refusing to grant Dzhokhar his Miranda rights against self-incrimination, citing public safety concerns. “There’s a need to immediately question the guy whether you Mirandize...

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