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    NGD ES 345

    Congrats! I have the same guitar :)
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    anyone have success in accessing ampgarage ?

    I used to look at the site years ago. but I stopped as my virus software at the time kept going off whenever I went there. has this issue been resolved? or maybe the virus software i was using at the time was just overly sensitive. don't recall what i was using back then. now using norton...
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    CTS pots to replace original pots?

    I just checked the link from my home computer and it worked. work must be blocking it or something as that is where I checked the link when it wasn't working. thanks.
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    CTS pots to replace original pots?

    all the mentioning of VIPpots and when I check the website it's down. did they change it?
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    Looking for some advice on getting a correct size saddle and bridge replacement in black

    I did a quick google on 96 The Paul II. looks basically like a LP studio if we are talking about the same guitar. it has both a Nashville bridge and tailpiece correct? you didn't mention the tailpiece being needed so I was wondering if what you have is something different than what I found. if...
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    SG Special Nibs?

    maybe it has already been refreted removing the nibs and using a original owner preferred fret size??? did you buy it new or used?
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    Custom shop 335 worth the extra?

    I have never played let alone seen a CS ES-335. I have a few CS les pauls though (used). on the CS LP's I like the VOS finish and the colors that weren't available on USA models. if I could get those options on the USA LP's I would have bought those and saved the money. the recent USA models...
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    Is this the real deal?

    I'm not sure if it's a 2008 standard or not but if I recall correctly they had the goldtop as an option for that year that came with a nashville bridge before they changed to the abr style on standards. and just as an fyi I found the specs from gibson with some photo's showing the nashville...
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    Is this the real deal?

    if it were an ABR bridge it would not be upside down. it's a nashville the screws go toward the tailpiece. but regardless they can go either way and work.
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    Is this the real deal?

    I didn't see anybody mention the screws being backwards in response to OP comments. somebody probably just accidentally put the bridge on upside down when changing strings or they needed more distance for the saddles to move for intonation purposes. I can't make out which direction the saddles...
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    Post a picture of your favorite iced tea top, reliced preferred

    Like this! it's got a Pearly Gatesish look to it.
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    Thinking about giving an SG another shot

    out of curiosity, what is it you don't like about the wrap around bridge? if it's looks I can't help there. if it's intonation i can suggest a wrap around intonatable (sp??) bridge and some type of locking studs. I used a pigtail intonatable wrap around bridge and tonepros locking studs. just a...
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    Thinking about giving an SG another shot

    I'm not sure if it will be thin enough or maybe even pretty enough but what about the LP Special? has that LP shape but no maple cap. Again it might not be thin enough but you might like it. I have thought about getting an SG some day as well. my only concern is will it have neck dive. speaking...
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    Tried to buy a Custom LP the other day... Good ol' GC.

    I have bought many used items from GC. sometimes I get the better end of the deal, sometimes I return an item because of stupid things like the original poster had happened. Just yesterday I went to collect my Guild f1512, not the f1512E. I don't want electronics in my acoustic guitars. well it...
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    Burstbuckers, Yea or Nay?

    wow, I'm surprised that it looks like more people don't like them by quite a bit than do. I like them. I wonder why it was so hard to find a decently priced set the last time i was looking considering how many people don't like them. oh well, different stroked for different folks.
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    Strap locks for Norlin era guitars

    I use schaller strap locks. you have to somehow either make the screw hole smaller for the rear screw to work in. I have used wood putty (the kind that hardens) or more recently I have been buying the strap buttons from that he sells that have the larger screw that works in...
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    Fake Gibson Les Paul Studio? Please help me

    and IF I recall correctly, a 2008 Studio would be chambered. or at least I am pretty sure the studios were among the models that they chambered from late 06-12? nothing wrong with chambered. I like them.
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    Les Paul Jr Case?

    I'm pretty sure it was this case: it fit my single cut LP Jr like a glove. even bought one for a LP Special. but if you decide to go with this case double check...
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    Does anyone make an under 30W head that REALLY sounds like a plexi

    wow, where have you been the last 2 years to not have heard about the Marshall Studio amps. here is an alternative to consider: you can probably order a smaller headshell to make it fit on top of a 1x12 cabinet. good luck with you search!
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    Whats my color? 2008 Les Paul Standard

    looks more like a desert burst to me.

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