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  1. NYPV

    Looking for a cheap pedal platform amp

    Not cheap but...
  2. NYPV

    Need some smooth dirty tone!!

    The Zendrive is smooth af
  3. NYPV

    Lookng for a new flavor of P-90's

    I really dig my wolfetones
  4. NYPV

    Burstbucker 1 & 2 Pickup Heights For Middle Position Tone

    I raise the pole screws pretty high on the neck pup and set it at about 1/16" below strings fretted on last fret. Then match bridge to that volume. With paf style pups, I can get a stratty sound in middle position
  5. NYPV


    These ended my p90 search. Also have the Kauer wind in one guitar, has a slightly lower output neck pup.
  6. NYPV

    ISO: BB1 or 2 Gold humbucker

    Your welcome... Cheers!!!
  7. NYPV

    ISO: BB1 or 2 Gold humbucker

    Got a gold covered bb2, reads 8.1k. Long lead and pretty much no wear on cover. Used to try out but went with some thing else. $100 with box and mounting screws and springs
  8. NYPV

    New Motorcycle Day

    Congrats on the new HD. I've been riding Harleys for 30 years, nothing like it. Seat looks comfy, but too big. I'd lose the seat for a slimmer one.:hmm:
  9. NYPV

    Interesting checking pattern

    I have that on my 2001 Standard, it follows the maple grains more or less. Maple is expanding and contracting slightly on the grain lines. Mine also has those grey mineral streaks.
  10. IMG 20150415 165926136 HDR[1]

    IMG 20150415 165926136 HDR[1]

  11. NYPV

    Oops.. EC Vibro Champ went down this am.

    I had a mystery crap-out on an amp once. Turned out to be the speaker, not blown just stopped working. Good Luck and TG for warrantys.
  12. NYPV

    Strings that are warm but articulate

    Gibson Vintage Reissues are my favorite strings. They are what you want
  13. NYPV

    got a new tattoo yesterday

    Its OK. If it ends up bugging you it can definitely be sharpened up later. Where is it on you?
  14. NYPV

    Hey Firebird players...

    heh? I put the stock ones in and its good. So it was the lowest output winds I had in there (6.6k - B and 6.1k - N) and IDK why its weak at that end. Btw, it was just the bridge. So I have 3 sets of FB pups I don't love and don't want to buy another, I'm gonna try and get along with the stock...
  15. NYPV

    truck tires-20" vs 17" pros/cons

    Rim size has nothing to do with overall tire size or clearance. Lets say you have a 36" tire, the 20" rim will give you 8" sidewall height, which will be better handling but stiffer ride. The 17" will give you a 9 1/2" sidewall that will be looser. Unless you are going to extremes with your...
  16. NYPV

    2 things I miss about winter

    I'm a biker and I don't wanna see vigilantes in cars f'n with anyone on a bike as a result of that incident in the city. I take great insult to people who generalize "motorcycles".Just because I'm on a bike doesn't make me an asshole. And as for smog and noise, well I take it you live in the...
  17. NYPV

    2 things I miss about winter

    Lets get one thing straight- for the Mets :io:
  18. aYbYdYq 700b v3

    aYbYdYq 700b v3

  19. NYPV

    Hey Firebird players...

    Thanks for the responses. Like I said, I kind of guessed that FB pups were just that way so I didn't really go beyond the pup height adjustments. I figured the end of the pickup had a weaker magnetic field. I am pretty knowledgeable on Gibson setups, and everything appears good but it could be a...
  20. NYPV

    Hey Firebird players...

    Hmmm? OK, maybe I should throw the stock hot Gibsons back in and see, it may be the custom wounds. I've raised and lowered them to no avail. I need to dig deeper now that I know all you guys have no issues, I just assumed thats how they were and deal with it. Thanks

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