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  1. David Collins

    Intonation woes---what to do??

    GHS are usually pretty reliable, but even with the best quality control there can still be the occasional defective string. I would emphasize strongly though, and with a high degree of certainty, that your problem is not with lack of travel in the saddle, but something else odd is going on. If...
  2. David Collins

    Intonation woes---what to do??

    That looks like a bad string to me. What strings are you using? DR's?
  3. David Collins

    Tele Electrosocket and Jack question(s).

    If you are using a right angle jack, you won't be able to use it if you set the jack flush with the inner bevel of the electro socket cup. I find it better to get a long threaded jack so it sticks out even further. A long thread switchcraft jack with no washers will leave the end of the jack...
  4. David Collins

    Buffalo Horn nut

    It's soft, and it stinks like hell to work with. Looks cool, but working it makes sanding bone smell like roses by comparison.
  5. David Collins

    Bolt on Guitars have MORE sustain Study :

    Ovations never need neck resets. They continue to hold soil, water, and plants just as well with a low neck angle as when they were new.
  6. David Collins

    Bolt on Guitars have MORE sustain Study :

    I've seen a few posts mentioning two guitars, or suggesting using only one neck. It seems the full study may not be published here, but as I recall the arrangement was all done with a single chassis. First tests were done as one piece (neck through), then sawn apart and bolted back together...
  7. David Collins

    Bolt on Guitars have MORE sustain Study :

    It's been a while since I read that article, but if I recall correctly Motorola did not make any argument that bolt on necks had more sustain, but rather that although a small amount of increase was noticed or measured in the bolt on, that it was not a statistically significant change, and his...
  8. David Collins

    Volume pot off,volume still bleeds through

    I've seen a lot of Gibsons (especially from the early 90's) with bad volume pots where the wiper stops short of full continuity at 0. If the pots and grounds are connected and working proper, you should have dead silence on 0 (even one pot down in the middle position), as the amp input should be...
  9. David Collins

    Found 3 different Vitamin Q's - which one is the holy grail?

    Not looking to dive in to another cap debate, but whether they do or do not make any difference, I feel it important to recognize that those video samples do nothing to suggest whether they do or do not. A player records a sample with one cap, then puts the guitar down for however long it takes...
  10. David Collins

    Nut Slot Depth on Guitar Neck

    That slot does look a bit on the shallow side, but there's really no reason you should have to deepen it at all, other that perhaps if you prefer the aesthetics of a more traditional depth as viewed from the side.
  11. David Collins

    Nut Slot Depth on Guitar Neck

    Do you have a picture of the slot as it is? A Fender style neck doesn't need much depth at all in terms of function.
  12. David Collins

    Really bad hum and buzz

    Yup. If the hum goes away when you touch the strings, this usually confirms that everything inside your guitar is grounded properly, but the source of the buzz lies at the other end of the cable. It can seem odd, because even if the problem is in the amp or power supply, you can plug some...
  13. David Collins

    50s wiring not for me

    Yes, absolutely. 300k to 500k (66% increase) will affect enough of a difference for most players to easily notice. 500k to 550k (10% increase), and yes there will be some difference, but much less, probably noticeable to you if you are very familiar with the instrument beforehand, but subtle...
  14. David Collins

    50s wiring not for me

    There are certainly reasons to prefer one or the other, as there are differences once you start to roll the volume back. Just to be clear though, this is not a case of "some who say". Unless your volume pots are defective, it is a simple fact that there is no difference between the two when the...
  15. David Collins

    Just had a thought about 50s wiring and why

    Good lord. There is no difference between 50's and modern when the volume is on 10. Period. Fact. The end. As to why they made the switch, none of us were in the room where it happened, but there is one answer that seems rather simple and obvious nonetheless. Modern (coil loading)...
  16. David Collins

    One pickup guitars sound better?

    I must say, that video helps me to recognize some of my own biases. Opening up, I admit feeling an impulse to dismiss this as some stoned metalhead with no clue what he's talking about. As he actually began to talk details though, this guy is no dummy. No, it's not mumbo jumbo at all. His...
  17. David Collins

    What's on YOUR workbench right now?

    On my bench this morning, I happened to have a 1920 Herman Hauser adjustable neck, and my parter had a 1960 Esquire about to be refretted when the Google photographer came in for the 360° photos. Didn't even have to stage the photo, it's just what happened to come in the day before...
  18. David Collins

    "...painstakingly glued with epoxy..."

    Sounds like their service techs also do a great job of painstakingly writing out the description on the invoice to emphasize just how fabulous their accomplishments are. :)
  19. David Collins

    What happens if I intonate a Buzz Feiten

    Right - whether shortening the nut end of the board, or installing a shelf nut, it still qualifies as compensation. On defining scale length - And the limitations we have to work within - And touching on the effects of...
  20. David Collins

    All The Little Things Add Up

    HB Cable Power Conditioner. Marble Reference level. True Audiophile Reviews make clear, with unshakable certainty, that these products have notable effect. In case it wasn't obvious, what I'm of course leading to here is this. Does anyone here accept that because someone is sure of the...

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