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  1. RichBrew

    Introducing the Baroque Theorbo

    I can't say I want one, but fascinating all the same:
  2. RichBrew

    Just how good are your 'shell-likes'?

    How well can you hear audio quality? Be honest, now: I got 4 out of 6.
  3. RichBrew

    Interesting technique

    An interesting technique. If the video doesn't start in the right place skip to 12:00.
  4. RichBrew

    Perseverance and diligence

    Proof, if proof were needed, that merely owning good gear won't pay dividends unless you are prepared to put in the time. My kind of wildlife shot. :thumb: "A shopping centre manager who spent four years and clocked up 10,000 miles trying to capture his dream kingfisher picture finally...
  5. RichBrew

    Tutonic execellence

    This is how it's done in Germany: I tried until I was blue in the face to get the clip embed (esses an' all), but it didn't work.
  6. RichBrew

    Auld Lang Syne

    Arranged and recorded this evening, specially for the event, by the best friend I have ever had. Happy New Year, MLP, wherever (and whoever) you are. RichBrew
  7. RichBrew

    Fascinating, if you have the time.

    Fascinating, if you have the time. BBC - Earth - Travel at light speed from the Sun to Jupiter RichBrew
  8. RichBrew

    Rory Gallagher: 20 years gone.

    20 years ago today the world lost Rory Gallagher. One of the greats in my book, and my favourite slide player, bar none. I have tried until I am blue in the face to get videos to embed (yes, I know about removing the 's' from the URL, but for some inexplicable reason I am always unable to do...
  9. RichBrew

    Jack Bruce has died.

    Jack Bruce An inspiration to me for the past 45 years. RIP, Jack. RichBrew
  10. RichBrew

    Jimmy Page: How we wrote...

    Jimmy Page: How we wrote Stairway to Heaven: BBC News - Jimmy Page: How we wrote Stairway to Heaven A personal account. Interesting. :) RichBrew
  11. RichBrew

    Polyphonic singing See below as the video won't embed until I do it this way.. Nuts, it still won't do it. Fascinating clip as I had no idea this could be done. RichBrew
  12. RichBrew

    Norman Hale's new (old) backing band

    10th December, 1975. The pianist Norman Hale, backed by his band in Jersey, Channel Islands, UK: RichBrew
  13. RichBrew

    Hank B's Boogie

    Recorded today: RichBrew
  14. RichBrew

    A Minor Thing

    Recorded today: RichBrew
  15. RichBrew


    I have recently been cleaning LP records, and have just played both sides of Black Sabbath's album Paranoid - possibly for the first time since the mid 1970s. Better than I expected it would be (or remember it), and apart from Bill Ward's drum solo - which sounds like two skeletons having a wank...
  16. RichBrew

    Unrequested hum

    During the past few occasions I have used it my Blackstar Artisan 15 has started to develop an intermittent fault. In use it is allowed to warm-up in the usual way before the standby is switched on, and away I go. After a short period of time - five to ten minutes, perhaps - a noticeable hum...
  17. RichBrew

    Kaxi Doni

    Something recorded as an experiment on a rainy Thursday morning, in 1994 (sorry it's a bit late): RichBrew
  18. RichBrew

    Sleepy Man Banjo Boys

    I thought this video should get some exposure on here. Not too much guitar, but (very) impressive all the same. 8 Year Old Jonny Mizzone - Flint Hill Special - Sleepy Man Banjo Boys - YouTube RichBrew
  19. RichBrew

    I Saw Three Ships

    My Yuletide offering: RichBrew
  20. RichBrew

    10 years since we lost George

    It's 10 years ago today that George Harrison died. I include one of his finest guitar solos: Nowhere Man - YouTube RichBrew

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