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  1. ed1996

    My dad found a silverface at the dumpster!

    So my dad found a 68/69 fender Princeton at the local tip. It looks like it's in great condition but it doesn't work. When we tried turning it on it just blew the fuse. We took it apart and it looks like the transformer is buggered. I'll post pics sometime tomorrow. I really, really wanna get...
  2. ed1996

    Now soldering iron question

    I got a new new soldering iron and I've been trying to tin the tip but the solder just runs off. What should I do?
  3. ed1996

    Took some more photos of my lester

    Just took some more photos of my les paul studio.
  4. ed1996

    Is this normal?

    I just noticed some small cracks in the finish on my studio near the strap button. Is this this normal? I have only had it for a couple of months.
  5. ed1996

    I just made a Diddley Bow!

    I just built myself a very crude diddley bow for no reason in particular. It's a lot of fun! Jack White makes a Diddley Bow - YouTube Seasick Steve - Diddley Bo Live on Later with Jools Holland - YouTube I'll post pictures later.
  6. ed1996

    Look what boredom can bring!

    I was bored so got a random peice of wood, a pocket knife and some sandpaper and made this:
  7. ed1996

    Rock 'n' Roll's Hall of Shame!

    Rock 'n' Roll's Hall of Shame I do not want to start a religious debate and I do not want to offend religious members, but this is just funny!:laugh2::laugh2: Looks like I'm a satanist.
  8. ed1996

    Advice on first tube amp?

    So I’m thinking of getting my first all tube amp. The problem is that I play a lot of styles, and need lots of different sounds. Two or more channels would be nice but I also kinda like the idea of having a clean sound and getting my dirt from pedals. I’d like to go from pristine clean to...
  9. ed1996

    The horror!

    relicing a PRS guitar....sorry for that - YouTube :shock:
  10. ed1996

    Blackie from The Hard-Ons bashed.

    Black times for bashed musician Peter Black | I saw the hard-ons only a couple of months ago and even interviewed Blackie on the radio. Then this happened. Little shits.
  11. ed1996

    1000 posts!

  12. ed1996


    Well, technicaly yesterday: My new Les Paul Studio, sorry for the crappy photos. Grannadilo fretboard Its new strap Pickguard on? Or off? I'm leaning towards off.
  13. ed1996

    Thanks Bling!

    Today I received my WTF fuzz from Bling! It sounds absolutly awesome! It's great for slugey/grungey/filthy music, and cleans up great with the guitars volume knob. And it looks damn cool. Thanks Bling! PS. Did the pic work?
  14. ed1996

    Need some band name ideas.

    So I am now in a band which my guitar teacher put together with some of his former students. He is kind of "managing" us and at the moment we are called "Boxkite Fly" which none of us are overly joyful about. We play "groove rock" which kind of a blend of metal, funk, punk, reggea etc. My guitar...
  15. ed1996

    I'm Back!!!

    After being banned for "creating multiple accounts" (:dunno:) for a month I'm back! Did you miss me?
  16. ed1996

    What's your favourite solid state amp?

    So I often see people on this forum saying that the best amp is the one you like the best and the whole tube vs solid state debate is stupid. But pretty much everyone on this forum uses tube amps. Whats the deal? So anyway, post your favourite solid state amp.
  17. ed1996

    Looks like it's time for a new nut

    I was playing dads old sigma acoustic when this happened:shock: It has been chipped and has had tuning issues on the G string for a long time now, so now I have an excuse to get a new nut. Does anyone know any techs or luthiers who can make me a new nut in or around Canberra? Sorry for the...
  18. ed1996

    lets see your white studios....again

    ok since the original thread was deleted due to a virus lets try again
  19. ed1996

    what are some good busking songs?

    so they want me to busk for the next school fundraiser thingy and I said yes. What are some relatively easy songs for me to learn?
  20. ed1996

    What are "overtones"?

    I see this word used a lot when describing tone, but what does it mean?

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