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    NGD: ‘84 Greco EG59-50

    From Blue Blood here on MLP, Wulfman before that. It’s my turn, a very nice LP!
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    NGD: 2011 Crews KTR LS-01

    Looks great, sounds great. I’ve never been a fan of the naked look - I’ll need to make a pickguard. Maybe I need to buy another Crews, so I can carefully trace the pickguard. Pickup spacing doesn’t match my Tokai, or my R8, neither does hole location.
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    crews models?

    Ive read every thread about Crews, and I don't think I've seen one which clearly lists the known models, and the specs, such as year, factory, finish, woods, laminate, pickups, etc. KTR, L, OSL,FM, Next 5D, 59... I'm overwhelmed. I'm weirdly fascinated by these guitars I've never seen, and I...
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    NGD: Tokai LSS136

    Just arrived from G'Club Kurosawa - ordered Sunday, arrived in California Wednesday morning. FedEx is expensive, but it sure is fast! Ordered via Reverb, discounted from their original asking price. Maybe next time (? if I buy yet another new Tokai?) I'll order it direct from Kurosawa site...
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    NGD: Tokai KLS165LW

    Delivered in California, from Japan, less than 48 hours after submitting the order on Shipped via FedEx, for about $150. Bought new from G-CLUB, arrived in perfect condition: strings loose, switch knob not installed. Tuned it up, setup is perfect, not too high, not too low...
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    NGD Tokai LS-198S

    2007 R8 VOS 2022 Tokai LS198S 2014 Edwards E-LP-125SD
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    Intro and Question

    Hi people, my first post here. I'm Robert. For the past 25 years or so, I've played mostly the other original electric guitar. But way before that, I played a Gibson P90 Goldtop I bought new in 68 or 69 - it was one of the first reissued Les Pauls that Gibson produced. Historical note: I still...

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