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    WTB: Black Gibson SG Junior

    I'm a machinist, not a painter. I'll ruin it.
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    WTB: Black Gibson SG Junior

    I'm keeping my eye on it, I prefer the smaller guard. Is the guitar with that much in that kind of condition?
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    WTB: Black Gibson SG Junior

    I don't know how much a refinish costs but it's probably not worth it. I'll just wait it out.
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    WTB: Black Gibson SG Junior

    Thanks, Reverb has been full of lefties.The bad thing is, is that I'm willing to pay slightly more than what they're worth. They do have some red Juniors but I'm not a fan of red guitars.
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    Nobody can diss Kirk Hammett anymore........

    Metallica got a lot of shit in the 90s and they were good, they still are.
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    WTB: Black Gibson SG Junior

    I'll give it one more push.
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    "Apu" lost his voice because...

    Most stereotypes of all races are usually pretty true but that gets people mad.
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    McGregor vs. Cerrone tonight

    Men in underwear and cowboy hats.. sounds like Brokeback Mountain to me. They suRE love touching each other in a cage, its like some kind of weird BDSM thing.
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    The future of guitar

    I think they're trying to compete with Line 6 to see who can make the worst sounding distortion.
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    WTB: Black Gibson SG Junior

    I'm looking for a black Gibson SG Junior Reissue with the 60s style pickguard. Let me know if you're willing to part with one.
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    School Shooting in Mexico

    Just the illegal ones.
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    Mental health/psychedelic drugs

    I've personally seen people freak out on psychedelic drugs. I'm no doctor but I don't think people with mental health issues so be taking them.
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    African Movie Posters

    It looks like they like their violence.
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    Iran Fires on Bases

    Let me guess, they think it was the bullies fault for what happened at Columbine?
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    Iran Fires on Bases

    If a Tesla on auto-pilot is involved in a fatal accident then is Tesla at fault?
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    Elon is going to save the world! forbes

    I see he likes good music.
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    Motorhead are awesome.

    So was Hawkwind and Gopal
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    Motorhead are awesome.

    I've was a Motorheadbanger for years. I don't know if the club is around anymore
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    War Pigs

    Good timing for this song. A war is raging that we don't understand And I doubt that we can There's no mistaking the mad sons of Islam As they spill blood on the sand A strange religion, that destroys through the Koran Freedom's lost in this land Hades or heaven. they're under it's...
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    You're officially a vinyl collector when....

    Implode your walls with

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