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  1. Longboots

    how did you guys get to be so knowledgeable

    Just want to say THANK YOU to MLP !!! I have been reading A LOT on the forum. Even many topics come back after years and get more updates! But also, many posts are confusing and not wort reading after spending my precious time on here. Among all, this is still an AMAZING group.
  2. Longboots

    Can you show me some Lemon Burst

    wonder why !?
  3. Longboots

    Any les paul tradition pro players out there

    What is the difference between "PRO" and "PLUS" ?
  4. Longboots

    Traditional Pro vs Custom Classic

    I keep reading and hearing people say things such as "Find a guitar that speak to you since two exact same make, model, and year will play differently." Even if you bought a brand new? I have a feeling however, if you took it to a Luthier who knows what he is doing, he can just set it it up...
  5. Longboots

    how many of you feel your playing stinks

    Depending on the goal, we can always improve, but meanwhile ENJOY playing ! :)
  6. Longboots

    I am SICK

    Wow sounds terrible.... I am sorry. I have been reading A LOT and learning. But with anything NEW, this should not have happened. I would take it back if its under warranty. Some time with any product, if you try to do a modification, warranty is void.
  7. Longboots

    Home made mini Les Paul studio

    The best of all, you guys are enjoying the project together and when its complete, it will have a big sentimental value. Post some video for us as well. :)
  8. Longboots

    Who took guitar lesson?

    Depend on who you learn it from, it can be fantastic or waste of money.
  9. Longboots

    I worry about EVERYTHING

    Avoidance will only get you to worry more and more. Try to get to the core of your worry instead. Analyze to see what can be done about it. If its beyond your control, accept it and let it go. Bobby McFerrin - Don't worry Be happy - YouTube
  10. Longboots

    Happy valentine day :-)

    Queen - 'Love Of My Life' - YouTube xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
  11. Longboots

    Anyone Watching the Grammy Awards ?

    I hope I can watch it on Youtube or somewhere..
  12. Longboots

    Steve Harris of Iron Maiden is the highest ranking member of the illuminati

    I do not like any devil Worship people and devil band. But who knows they can be anywhere. Even on this forum ? What is exactly 'illuminati" ?
  13. Longboots

    Whitney Houston Dies

    she was one of the most beautiful woman in pop history...
  14. Longboots

    I love les pauls

    welcome. This is a great group to learn and talk about Les Paul. :)
  15. Longboots

    Queen of England celebrates 60 years on the throne

    I LOVE THIS ALBUM !!! CAN NOT WAIT FOR 2012 one !!!!! :wave:
  16. Longboots

    Queen of England celebrates 60 years on the throne

    I am hoping to meet THE CORRS !!!!! do you know who else will be there ??? :applause:
  17. Longboots

    Queen of England celebrates 60 years on the throne

    I can not wait for the CONCERT !!! June 4th. I am hoping to be there in London !!!! :fingersx:
  18. Longboots

    Make HEART everyone !

    Have you noticed that many celebs are making HEART shape with their hands now days? Everyone is doing it. Are you doing it ? I bet its gonna be BIG !!! like a PEACE sign !!! Who started this movement ?? :)
  19. Longboots

    Your money or Their money

    How do you feel about current currency system that has been ruled by THE most powerful group of people in the world for centuries ?? Swiss Bank, Federal Reserve, and Banks that handles so called "currency" = paper and ink. Basically a bank note is a receipt for your GOLD that you should be...

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