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    Sloppy tailpiece fit on Firebird studs

    I purchased a 2017 Firebird HP from the Gibson Demo Shop about a year ago, and I've noticed that the stopbar tailpiece is very loose in the studs (see pic). It's loose enough that it's actually tilting within the bushings (I prefer top-wrapping, the studs themselves are fine). Is it possible...
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    WTB: Candy Apple Blue Les Paul

    I love this color. I think there have been a few different runs: a CME exclusive '57 reissue, a Wildwood '57 reissue, and possibly a Joe Bonamassa custom? Let me know if anyone has one they're looking to part with, thanks!
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    WTB large brass strap button

    I have a 2017 Firebird HP which came with the larger brass strap buttons (which I love!). I moved the button from the upper bout edge to the neck heel, which completely fixed the neck dive. However, now I have an empty hole I'd like to fill with another of the large buttons. I can't seem to find...
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    Firebird control layout

    Hey all, I was under the impression the Firebird control layout was different than a Les Paul, in that the top two controls (when looking down) are both volume, with their respective tone controls underneath. I have a 2017 model, and the controls are exactly like my LP (volume controls on top...
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    Would you return this? Uneven stain around neck on new LP.

    Hey all, Just curious of other opinions. I bought this brand new Les Paul Traditional Pro V mahogany from Guitar Center. I noticed immediately that the staining around the neck (top and bottom) is much more faded than the rest of the guitar. It seems like it wasn't applied thoroughly or maybe...

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