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  1. zolav8

    Friend's new album - Instrumental rock

    If you like instrumental rock/blues/jazz please take the time and check out the new album of my friend. You can listen all his music for free on this link: Király István & G-Jam Project Let me know your thoughts!
  2. zolav8

    WTB LP Classic pickguard

  3. zolav8

    WTB Gibson ES-137 (maybe Epi Sheraton?)

    I'm looking for a well priced used ES-135, 137 or something similar with HSC. Not blue if possible.
  4. zolav8

    WTB Gibson LP Studio

    I'm looking for a used but not abused Gibson Les Paul Studio with HSC. No all mahogany or faded ones, no dot inlays. I've got $700 for the right guitar, shipped to Miami.
  5. zolav8

    "excellent example of a MIJ" - Hah

    "This is an excellent example of what is called a MIJ law suit Gibson Les Paul Custom." The well-known Chinese fake advertised as a MIJ. What a shame. Gibson Les Paul Custom Set Neck Law Suit - eBay (item 400193786218 end time Feb-17-11 17:03:36 PST)
  6. zolav8

    Guitar shops in London?

    I'll spend a week in London this spring. UK users, could you recommend me some guitar shops to visit? :naughty:
  7. zolav8

    Fake Zakk Wylde on ebay?

    Ebay Item number: 270692012286 GIBSON CUSTOM ZAKK WYLDE LES PAUL BULL'S EYE GUITAR - eBay (item 270692012286 end time Feb-11-11 10:52:16 PST) I think this is a fake. Frets: Strange sticker:
  8. zolav8

    WTB Gibson LP Studio or Explorer

    I'm looking for a Gibson Les Paul Studio (not the all mahogany) or Explorer, with HSC. I've got $700 for the project, shipped to Miami.
  9. zolav8

    Please help with p/u identification

    Is it possible to identify this humbucker? The guitar is a 2004 Gibson LP Studio Vintage Mahogany. These came with covered Burstbucker Pros. Both pickups in the guitar are black double bobbin and there are no signs of covers ever having been installed. There is no label, label residue or...
  10. zolav8

    Bought my first Gibson, received with a crack

    I've just received my first Gibson. After the first delight of owning an LP I've noticed a small crack near the nut. The seller shipped the guitar in a Strat case (withot mentioning this), and in this incorrect case the guitar was supported at the end of the head, not on the neck. I've...
  11. zolav8

    WTB Gibson LP Studio non faded

    I'm looking for a cheap LP Studio non faded. Would like to spend $500-700. I know I won't find a mint one in this price range, so dings and scratches are OK if the guitar is structurally solid with no cracks or neck repairs. I'm looking for wine red or fireburst, but will consider other...
  12. zolav8

    1990 Standard $1100 BIN

    Don't know if it's genuine, but looks like a good deal. 1990 Gibson Les Paul standard - good condition - eBay (item 180461625767 end time Jan-26-10 11:18:27 PST)
  13. zolav8

    I'd like to buy my first Gibson LP

    I'd like to upgrade from my Epi LP to a Gibson LP. I wanted to buy rawkroller's 1996 Standard Ebony, but I was late, somebody has bought it. His price was $1000, which is actually the top of my budget. This was the only standard which fit my budget, but I also saw regular, burst and worn...
  14. zolav8

    Problem with ebay links

    I often get the "This listing () has been removed, or this item is not available." error message from ebay clicking on forum links. Even when the listing is active. Ebay links are messed up by the forum code. What is this, and how to avoid it?
  15. zolav8

    Just bought my first LP

    I've just picked up a used Epi in a local guitar shop. It's a bit strange, looks like an old Studio, but with trapezoid inlays and tombstone-like tuners. Could you help me identifiing this guitar?
  16. zolav8

    2001 Gibson Les Paul Studio Plus w/ OHSC under 1K

    Hello, I WTB a used Gibson LP, and I've found this one with a nice AA maple top, etc. It's under 1K shipped, which just fit my budget. I'm a bit afraid of the 1959 neck profile, but what do you think of this guitar? 2001 Gibson Les Paul Studio Plus w/ OHSC - eBay (item 300368418847...
  17. zolav8

    Hello from Hungary

    Hello, I'm a European Les Paul fan, a living-room guitarist trying to buy his first LP. I'm on a budget and I'm facing the old question. Should I buy a brand new Epi, or buy a used Gibson. I have about $1000 for the project. I saw nice second-hand Gibsons on ebay around this price, but I'm...

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