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  1. lbovee1

    Plain tops need love too

    Just purchased a 2005 1960 G0 VOS Reissue. The pups were replaced with BareKnuckle Mules and I made it an R0 with the reflectors and pointers. The neck profile is unreal and perfect. Easy to play fast on and sounds incredible.
  2. lbovee1

    Any ugly Historics?

    This is SO ugly and offensive that I will personally pay $10,000 to have that top refinished.
  3. lbovee1

    3 Pics in bright sunlight

    Is Gibson putting helium in the cavities now? I've never see a historic so light it can actually float, especially in a custom! (j/k) nice guitars!
  4. lbovee1

    '07 R9 Faded Tobacco: What DON'T you like?

    tail-wrap your strings for 3 times the sustain. Otherwise it is fabulous.
  5. lbovee1

    butterscotch R8 gold hardware

    looks awesome!
  6. lbovee1

    If you could pick a color of your reissue....

    I'll bet yours was sweet too! ;-) No, it's very brown. I think I had the white balance way off. Think a color like carmelburst but only darker brown.
  7. lbovee1

    If you could pick a color of your reissue....

    How about a 2011 R9 Scotchburst? The picture is showing a little more red than the guitar really has. It is mostly brown.
  8. lbovee1

    $10K for PG VOS?

    That top is just plain sick. wow!
  9. lbovee1

    Who has MLP's most beautiful LP ?

    A lot of nice guitars on this thread. Here are my 2 lesters:
  10. lbovee1

    Utah, Gimme Two!! Let's see your TWO!!!

    Here are my 2 LP's. On the left is a 2012 Trad Pro 2 with a 50's neck and on the right is a 2011 Scotchburst R9 gloss that plays better than any guitar I have ever played.
  11. lbovee1

    From one bench to another. My first Historic Makeover

    I LOVE how dark that binding! The guitar looks great! They do awesome work there.
  12. lbovee1

    looking for a pearly gates VOS

    My 2011 R9 Scotchburst is not exactly a "Pearly Gates" but it DOES have the right serial number: 9-1171.
  13. lbovee1

    Triple NGD

    Nice stand-up triple!!! That R9 is sweet.
  14. lbovee1

    My Pauls

    ...yup, 3 is the right number:
  15. lbovee1

    NGD:2013 R9 HOG run Scothburst

    HNGD. I have a 2011 R9 Scotchburst and love mine.
  16. lbovee1

    The un-official LP Traditional Plus II Thread

    Mine doesn't either. My 2011 R9 Scotchburst weighs 8.4lbs whereas my 2012 TP2 weighs a beefy 9.6lbs.
  17. lbovee1

    Corrected Thread Title- LP Traditional PRO II

    Here is my 2012 TP 2. I love the coil taps. The neck is like a baseball bat though...thicker than my R9.
  18. lbovee1

    The un-official LP Traditional Plus II Thread

    Here's my 2012. I put pup covers on to make it look more like a Standard:
  19. lbovee1

    What's up with this '79 Deluxe?

    The frets do not have nibs, but it IS a 79 and could simply have been refretted. I do not like the sharpness of the horn but cannot confirm it is a fake or not...
  20. lbovee1

    Tres Bebès

    Can one of them be a Deluxe Strat? :-)

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