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    Is Gibson discontinuing the Traditional?

    I just got an e-mail from Sam Ash advertising Gibson LP Traditionals at between $1399 and $1599. When you go to their site, they're listed as "closeout" on the "options" tab. Did Gibson discontinue these? Gibson Les Paul Traditional Electric Guitar Assorted Colors | Sam Ash Music...
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    clean jazzt playing on a '80s Les Paul

    I just found this video of some nice jazzy clean playing on a '80s Les Paul. I like the sound and it made me think why don't many play Les Paul's clean more often? Ryan Hommel demo's 1987 Gibson Les Paul - YouTube If you've got videos of you or others getting some nice clean tones out...
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    NGD: I think I FINALLY found a Strat I like...

    I'll admit that I've never been a huge Strat fan. I played pretty much only a LP for over 10 years and even though I would try out Strats here and there they always seemed kind of sterile and thin to me compared to a LP. A few years back though I found an Olympic White '09 Am St that had a...
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    Cost for a refin

    I have a Gibson CS-336 that is in need of a re-fin. The original color was silver and I'd like to keep it silver in the refin. Anyone have any idea what a refin like this might cost? Thx.
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    NGD (New Gretsch Day)

    I've been seriously thinking about a P-90 Les Paul Goldtop recently. You know, something to complement my humbuckered LPs, something a little different but still with some thickness that can dirty-up nicely but still get sparkling cleans. Plus I'm really getting into the idea of a 'goldtop'...
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    Good morning...

    So this morning I had to move my car for Alternate Side parking rules, which for you Non-NYers basically means I had to sit in my car for an hour-and-a-half... ...but the 'good' part is that I have Sirius radio in my new car... So I got to listen to an hour-and-a-half of Guns-N-Roses, Kix...
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    blasmephy or ecstasy?

    I just came across this video of a guitarist from Japan soloing with his late '50s 'burst. I think it's GREAT but I'm curious if others agree or if they think this guy is torturing a poor defenseless guitar :laugh2: EDIT - ok the...
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    1976 Standard

    Was 1976 the first year Gibson officially introduced these? 1976 Gibson Les Paul Standard Black > Guitars : Electric Solid Body - My Rare Guitars |
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    Waddy Wachtel Les Paul

    Does anyone have any info on this Les Paul? I saw a video today of Waddy Wachtel playing this guitar with Stevie Nicks and I could clearly see the 'pancake' seam on certain close-ups. And it obviously looks like a refin. Does anyone have any more info on the LP? Thx. BTW: The guitar sounded...
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    the official 2007 Les Paul Standard love thread

    Ok so now that we have all sorts of model-based love threads how about one for that Les Paul that got caught between the old and the new and was only in production for a short time - the 2007 (or more accurately the late '06 to early '08) Les Paul Standard. Similar in most respects to the Les...
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    Carrying the Les Paul torch in the '80s

    In addition to Slash there were a lot of other guitarists keeping the Les Paul in front of all those MTV viewers. I can think of a few off the top of my head... Randy Rhoads Zakk Wylde Steve Clark Tom Kiefer ...but I know I remember seeing a lot of other Pauls back in the day. Who can think...
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    200 thru a Pod 2.0

    EDIT: The Thread should have been titled "2007 thru a Pod 2.0" Just found this on YouTube - 2007 Les Paul Standard Demo on a Santana style Jam - YouTube I play my LPs direct into my Pod as well and I love it but I thought I was the only one as there seem to be a lot of Pod-bashers out there...
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    TSO sound - vintage or modern

    I LOOOOVVVE this Les Paul sound - Trans-Siberian Orchestra: O' Come All Ye Faithful/O' Holy Night - YouTube To me it sounds like a very '80s sound. Do most people consider this a 'modern' sound for a Les Paul or is this a 'vintage' sound? Either way, for me it's THE SOUND!

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