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  1. cistec

    WANTED: Gibson Heritage 80 Award

    Looking for a VGC Gibson Heritage 80 Award got cash and ready to buy at the right price. Cheers cistec:)
  2. cistec

    Missing COA

    I am considering putting an offer on a guitar that has the COA missing, I am assured that it is legit and the serial number match Gibsons record. what value does it decrease in the market place as a collector. lot of people have said steer clear of guitars with no COA but I am going to ask...
  3. cistec

    Red ES 335 1959 Historic Dot Nashville Help!

    Hi Guys I am looking at getting a 12 month old Red ES 335 1959 Historic Dot made in Nashville I have heard very good feedback from other members on other sites but just want to hear from the experts on this forum who really know their stuff. price is under 4k from a good dealer...I know some...
  4. cistec

    1975 SG Gibson EDS 1275 Value?

    1975 Gibson EDS 1275 Value? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am looking at buying a 1975 Gibson EDS 1275 and wondered what sort of price i would be looking at or what is a good deal if all is OK with guitar is 9/10 condition and all...
  5. cistec

    1975 Gibson EDS 1275 Value?

    I am looking at buying a 1975 Gibson EDS 1275 and wondered what sort of price i would be looking at or what is a good deal if all is OK with guitar is 9/10 condition and all original with no repairs ...any idea guys? Thanks to all that reply cistec
  6. cistec

    Does Repair Affect Value much with Vintage?

    Hi Guys Just would like to know how repairs affect value and by how much? The reason I ask is I am thinking about aquiring another Vintage very early re issue 1968 LP Custom (one of the 433) but I have been told by a Gibson tech luthier that it has had repairs to the head stock early in...
  7. cistec

    68 LP Custom Pot codes check

    Just like some imput into checking Pot Codes on a 68 LP Custom I am looking at, the numbers are on the side of the pots very hard to read. but can make them out to read: 1346043 BA811-1053 500k -C2 Guitar Serial# 899864 Just wondering what month was it made and is it one of the 433...
  8. cistec

    Cavity and SN check on LP 68

    Hi Guys Just like your imput on a LP Custom 68 route cavities and serial 542XXX I have attached image of cavity and pot codes 1373268 Just want to make sure its an early 68 issue with all original parts if poss. I have checked atomeveeclips / latesixties site but cant see them ..but then...
  9. cistec

    What price for this 69 LP Custom?

    Hi Guys just like to get your feelings on this 69 1 pc body 3 pc neck Custom with refret only as I been told OHSC .. what sort of price would you pay? Just want to make sure I am not paying over the odds ..I will let you know what I am paying when I get some idea of your thoughts. I have not...
  10. cistec

    WANTED LP 68-69 Custom Black

    Looking for 68-69 1 pc body and pref neck + in VG and original as poss. please get in touch. may consider 2-3 pc body and neck [email protected] Thanks cistec
  11. cistec

    Help on pricing 69 LP custom

    I have been looking at few LP customs 69's but I am looking at this 69 LP Custom and what'sa good price for it?? hope you can help you LP guru's SN 8345xx small volute no case, no made in USA 1 pc body 3 pc neck (5 with head stock wings) no dot over i chipped paint from sides...
  12. cistec

    Custom with maple neck?

    would anybody buy a Black Custom late 70's with a maple neck? are they worth more than say a ebony neck or other..I have been offered one but it looks ...Odd! but maybe it my perception of a Black Beauty 57 RI which I own Also what sort of price is a good one ..normal wear and tear unsure...
  13. cistec

    Looking for Gibson Heritage 80 Elite, Standard, Award

    looking for Gibson Heritage 80 Elite, Standard, Award 1980-81 VGCon anybody thats selling one for reasonable price reply to this thread... Thanks Cistec
  14. cistec

    Looking Wiring diagram for ES 135 2002

    Hi I am looking for a good wiring diagram like the one I have posted up here I have been told this Les Paul wiring diagram is the same as the ES 135 2002 but I have a gibson online manual and it looks diferent the tone and volume placements are different..I may be missing something or I am...
  15. cistec

    Help on pricing CMT LP guitars

    Hi Guys..can somebody give a fair value on 3 guitars in VG condition all original CMT Standard 1987, CMT Standard 1988, CMT Standard 1989 all with nice flame. I have attached image of 1989 model. Looking to buy off friend but no Idea of value. Thanks to anybody that replies. Cistec
  16. cistec

    How to extend pickup wire?

    Hi I need a good video/tutorial/other on how to extend my short pickup wires some Braided some plain Thanks to anybody that replies Cistec
  17. cistec

    Heritage 80 replacement Bridge and Thumbscrews

    I am looking for a replica replacement or a genuine set of lightweight Heritage bridge and thumscrews parts for my Heritage 80 Elite I have attached some images to view with sizes of thumbscrews the original thumbscrews have a fixed plate for raising and lowering bridge and I would like the same...
  18. cistec

    LP Post Thumbwheel problem

    I have a Heritage 80 Gibson and need to replace the post thumbwheels. I ordered a set from RS guitars who I always deal with and they arrived and looked good (aged nickel) but the post thumbwheels were to small for the thread in the LP body..also the thread on the new RS tonepros set were to...
  19. cistec

    info needed on Gibson Protector cases

    Hi guys can any body tell me if my protector case is original case which came with my Gibson Heritage Standard 80 the case is a Generation 1 with the plastic clips and red plush lining. were they standard back in the 80s with the Heritage models? Thanks to anybody that replies. Cistec
  20. cistec

    Heritage Elite Bridge too High?

    Can any body tell me if my bridge is to high for the model and neck angle of my Elite is 10/32 bass and 9/32 treble side from the underside of thred screw which raises and lowers the bridge. I am afraid the thred stems will colapse on me. What is the neck angle on these models? I have...

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