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    Larrivee LV-10 Deluxe Rosewood Series w/ Venetian Cutaway [SOLD!]

    Interested in a Stonebridge cedar/rosewood as a trade?
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    FSOT - Ebony Gibson Les Paul Artist 1980

    That is correct. When I traded for it it had Schaller tuners. Rather than purchase the original Grovers (which still left the screw holes from the Schallers) I thought it might be a good idea to allow the new owner to decided what to do with them.
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    FSOT - Ebony Gibson Les Paul Artist 1980

    $2450 or offer; Trade for ??? Link to pics on Reverb: 1980 Gibson Les Paul Artist, black with gold hardware. In very good condition for 35 year old guitar. Some buckle rash on the back side, some wearing off of the "gold" on the pickups. Cool guitar with...
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    1980 Gibson Les Paul Artist, w/case

    Special Holiday pricing: $1850 shipped and paypal to continental US.
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    1980 Gibson Les Paul Artist, w/case

    1980 Gibson Les Paul Artist, Black w/case. Please go to this link on for pics. Very good condition for age. All electronics work, some belt buckle rash. Has been re-fretted and has Schaller tuners that replaced the original Gibsons. $2000 or best offer.
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    How To Beef Up Your Strat Tone A Simple Wiring Mod Tutorial

    Ibanezcollector: thanks for this post. It's exactly the tone I'm looking for on my squier strat. However, I'm kind of a newbie when it comes to guitar wiring. Could you explain what "pot" or "pots" I'm soldering the ground wires to? I get how to wire the switch but don't know exactly where...

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