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    NGD - First Martin

    Picked up a new Martin HD-28 today. I haven’t played acoustic for around 15 years, when I sold my Guild DV-52 that I still kick myself for letting go. This baby is setup with medium strings, I can already envision some tender finger tips by the end of the weekend…lol.
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    NGD American Deluxe Telecaster

    Picked up a 2001 American Deluxe Tele today in candy tangerine. Has been a couple years since I had a telecaster and couldn’t handle the itch for another any longer. Overall it’s in great shape. The bridge has been changed out to a Callaham compensated and the tuners replaced with satin Sperzel...
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    NGD second time this month

    Earlier this month I got my first Gibson, a Honeyburst Les Paul 50’s Standard. Now I turned around and traded a Strat for a 2020 SG Standard. This new Gibson habit is going to be easy to let get out of hand quickly!
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    NGD 50’s Standard Honeyburst

    I have wanted a Gibson LP Standard since I was 10 years old. A few decades later, and a few Epi LP’s over time, I went into Guitar Center today just to pick up some strings. Looked up on the wall and saw this Gibson 50’s LP Standard Honeyburst. Once I locked eyes on it I knew it was the one...

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