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    multieffects or not

    So i got my new tube amp but there are a few pedals i want. EQ, Delay, Tubescreamer. It would be cheapest to get like zoom g3 and put it in my loop. Will this work out the way i'm hoping it will?
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    Amplitube/ampkit quality sound

    so, I'm wanting to get back into playing guitar again. I like to play rock with a good heavy distortion. I sold my gear so I'm starting with no amp. Needing something only for bedroom practice in an apartment. I heard lot of folks saying for this situation that software is the way to go. So I...
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    new purchase

    Well....I have been recording with the computer for quite a while and It always seem there was some type of configuration issue or routing problem then I could never totally be happy with a particular DAW, so i broke down and picked up a Tascam DP-03SD ....I'm really excited about it, it will...
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    new but not

    Hello - My name is Jim. I have just recently in the last few years gotten serious about guitar. I play an Epiphone Standard Les Paul, I upgraded the pickups to Seymore Duncans Jazz JB's and it sounds bad-ass! I play a Blackstar ID and I love this amp. It is so versatile. MY preferred tone is the...
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    looking for a new pedal

    I'm looking for a new overdrive pedal or maybe even a distortion pedal. I have a great distortion on my amp but I'm just looking for a different flavor. I play hard rock...any suggestions?
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    tighten up my sound

    I'm looking to tighten up my sound.. I have considered a bad monkey or a tube screamer or mxr classic od....what do you think?
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    should I upgrade?

    I have an epiphone Les Paul. Will upgrading the bridge and tail piece help? If so is one from guitarfetish do the job or do I need a gotoh? Are the tuners good on these guitars or can I do better? Once again is guitarfetish comparable to the big brands?
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    I'm looking for a virtual instrument for industrial sound fx kinda stuff like fear factory type stuff, any suggestions?
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    control surface

    I want a control surface, I'm so tired of adjusting levels with a mouse. my budget is not much. these are the ones I have been considering the presonus faderport PreSonus FaderPort | or Akai Professional MIDImix | or Samson Graphite MF8 | My...
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    So....I picked me up a epi les paul standard. It played good. Just this week I got seymore duncan pickups installed and omg it sounds so awesome now now I want to upgrade the tuners to locking tuners and also the bridge and I would like suggestions on what to get also after I put on the bridge...
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    I ply rock/metal and been wanting a tube amp. How would this sound, a hughes and kettner head and a blackstar 1x12? I live in an apartment so low watt fits me good especially since I will never play out, no budget is 400- so that is why i chose blackstar.What do you think?
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    bridge pickup upgrade

    can you recommend a pickup upgrade for an epi les paul for the bridge pickup? also can you recommend some better tuners?
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    I have a blackstar ID:30 and it sounds perfect at low volumes buy turning it up it loses its warmth. How can I get that warmth at higher levels? Would a tube pre amp pedal help? Another question. I have an epi L.P.. what would better pickups do warmer high output? Just trying to see what it...
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    I have been playing power chords for a couple years and that is only on the 2 3 low strings. I also play rock/blues or should I say want to. I know the pentatonic minor and for right now thats all sdcale I want to learn right now. But I want to expand myself. I would like to learn more chords...
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    zoom g3 in the loop

    I have the g3 and I use it with a Blackstar ID:30 and of course it does not have an effects loop. I was wondering if it would be worth getting a small amp with an fx loop, would it sound better? Just curious if the amp sims would sound better
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    just wanted to get some input

    I just bought a Epiphone Les Paul Standard (not the plus top pro)..iits coming from a guitarcenter across the country, anyway how good are these guitars?
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    recording choice

    I want to record my guitar but I also want to use ezdrummer for drums. I dont know the best way to do this, I could buy a mic for my amp or i could get a digitech360 and record direct. but if i go with a multieffects unit to record direct how would i be able to record and use ezdrummer...
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    big muff vs g3

    Well I had myself set on a big muff deluxe a wah pedal to get. but then i discovered the zoom g3x ..... so which should i get? does the g3 clone the pedals and amps well? Which would you get?
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    just me

    I'm not in a band and it is just me and my guitar and I love writing music but it is hard with no drummer. right now I use ezdrummer to jam but when im jamming there are no fills or rolls and alterations in the drum grooves unless I stop playing and change it manually with the mouse which...
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    seeking diff flavors of tone with what i got

    im a poor bastard and chasing tone. I play a blackstar ID yea technically it is a modeller but it models different tubes, like a different approach but it does take pedals well....anyway I'm running a Boss sd-1 for solos/leads....anyway I'm still chasing tone primarily rockish/metal....i...

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