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    How would I go about getting a satin (non-gloss) mahogany finish like this?

    Can't be doing with a gloss finish - I'm after a smooth, silky finish, can still see/fell the grain. 1. What product would I use for this? 2. Would I still need to grain fill? Many thanks
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    Length of string-through behind the bridge

    I’m fitting a GIbson-style Tune-o-matic bridge, and I’m thinking of running the strings through the body instead of using a stop tailpiece. Leaving aside the “string-through vs. stop-tail” debate - and effect on tone, resonance, sustain, etc - my question is, does the length of the string...
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    Painting just the front of the headstock

    I’m planning on a natural finish on my guitar, using clear wipe-on poly. First though I want to paint only the front of my headstock black Gibson-style (it’s already sealed). For just this small area I want to keep it simple, so I’m thinking car paint, either a rattle can or a tube of touch-up...
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    How can I finish this?

    Can you help me with ideas for finishing this one? I’ve just got this Explorer body and neck. It’s come finished in a strong, smooth plasticky coating. I’m not sure if this is a filler, sealer, or whatever. As you can see in the pickup routs, the whole thing has been sprayed with a layer of...
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    Suggestions on placing compressor and delay?

    Hi everyone! I'm running a pedal board with: Wah > Tube Screamer > Phaser > Tremelo > Reverb And I'm going to add a delay pedal and compressor pedal into this. What are your suggestions for placing them? I've heard that compression should go at the start after Wah, so the effects work on the...
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    Wot “magnetized” and “unmagnetized” magnets?

    Shopping around for replacement magnets for a P90 pickup, I see some sellers offer “magnetized” and “unmagnetized” options. Can someone shed any light on what this means? Surely “magnitised” is the whole point, and I’m guessing that by “unmagnetized” they’re not talking about selling just a flat...
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    Tru-Oil as a grain-filler?

    Does anyone have any experience of grain-filling mahogany by sanding with Tru-Oil to make a slurry with the sawdust? Grateful for comments.
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    Rubbing down a gloss finish

    Any tips on rubbing down a gloss finish to a matt/satin finish?
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    Wrapover bridge bushings pulling out - temperature?

    The wrapover bridge bushings on my SG Jnr are sneaking out. About 1-2mm of the knurled part of the bushing is visible above the surface of the guitar. Firstly - how fixable is this? My first idea is to countersink the flange on the top of the bushing to sink the whole thing flush with the...
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    Which pots for Alnico 2 and 5 P90?

    I'd like to get your opinions on this idea. As I understand it, the general idea on choice of pots is, the higher the value of the pot, the brighter the guitar will sound. Therefore a lower value of 250K to warm up the naturally brighter single coils, and a higher value of 500K to brighten up...
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    String angle at Flying V nut

    Can anyone advise on how to cut the nut slots for the high an low E strings on a Flying V? They shoot off the the sides just as they leave the nut, so should the slots be angled out also? Many thanks!
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    Question about wrapover bridge bushings

    I'm putting this wrapover bridge onto a guitar kit I'm working on. The diameter of the un-knurled part of the bushings is 11.5mm so that's the diameter I'm going to drill, allowing the knurled part to bite into the wood. There is a "lip" at the top, about 14mm dia and 1mm deep. I'm wondering...
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    Mounting dog-ear P90 to carved-top guitar

    Any ideas about how I should do this? I'm looking at mounting a dog-ear P90 at the bridge of a 335-style guitar, so it has to work with the carved top. For example, how do Gibson mount their flat-bottomed dog-ears onto the ES-330? I imagine the base of the pickup cover needs to be curved to...
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    Drilling for a pigtail/badass - style bridge

    I'm about to put a pigtail/badass - style wrapover bridge on a new build, and I've got a question about drilling for the bushings. I know that with your regular plain / lightning bolt -type wrapover, the bushings/posts have to be angle back on the bass side for correct intonation. However I've...
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    Preferred wrap-around LP Jnr bridge type?

    What are your thoughts on the pros and cons of different types of wrap-around LP Jnr bridge? There's the plain old wraparound, which gives maximum sustain and tone which is known to be a bit of a compromise on intonation. There's the Pigtail type with individual saddles - better for intonation...
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    ES335 Jnr - thoughts?

    I'm planning a build - or rather, more like a kit build. It's going to be a ES-335 semi meets Les Paul Jnr: One dogear P90, wraparound bridge, 1 x vol and 1 x tone. The picture is a basic mock-up. I know where I can source the body and neck blank - no routing for pickups, holes for bridge and...

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