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  1. phread

    Is the Gibson 335 The Best Guitar Ever Made?

    But the 345's Varitone means that it has a bunch more sounds than a 335... Which is good (and bad).
  2. phread

    50s P90s - do they differ by year?

    The '54 has a P90 in the bridge. I guess I should have clarified that I was making that comparison. Phread
  3. phread

    50s P90s - do they differ by year?

    So I have a '52 and a '54. Though the '54 sounds great and has the punch and warm (but not muddy) tone that you want from a P90, it doesn't even come close to the sound of my '52. A friend of mine who has been winding pickups for 40 years has described the '52 as "otherworldly" because it...
  4. phread

    Comment by 'phread' in media 'Three Les Paul Goldtops, all with trapeze bridges. An original '52, an '09 Tribute, and a '12 Anniversary.'

    They are both pretty close. Rather chunky necks, which is correct. The two newer ones are a little heavier, but not too bad. The big difference is that the '52 has very dark and powerful pickups. The two reissues are more like a late '50s P90 (which still sounds good, just different). Of...
  5. phread

    who has the rarest - most unique - Les Paul in the forum, show pics

    Photoshop at it's finest! But a kewl idea! I saw a pic of Les with a dual- pickguard LP once...
  6. phread

    The 1952 Les Paul bridge/tailpiece

    I brought my '52 to Fat Tuesday's in NYC in 1990 and had Les Paul autograph it for me. When I pulled the guitar out he asked: "Wherever did you come across that?" He then told me that when Gibson made the prototype, it did *not* have the carved maple top on it. They set the neck angle based...
  7. phread

    EDS-1275 custom shop

    I love the white one that you have on eBay. Wish you were selling it *next* month... Looks like you have at least one bid on it, so good luck!
  8. phread

    NVGD 1953 Les Paul!

    In this day of modern technology, this should be easy, but I can't find Joe Glaser's phone number in any of the forum's posts. I want to order one of these bridges for my '52, so if anyone can pass it on, I'd appreciate it!
  9. phread

    Any King's X fans out there?

    Looks like Ty Tabor has one of his guitars up on eBay. Not the creme of the crop of axes, but it seems like a decent working-man's guitar with a pedigree. Ty Tabor's Custom 2003 Gibson Les Paul Special | eBay
  10. phread

    Real Prototype? SG 50's tribute

    Well the Les Paul Tribute's that Gibson offered in 2009 were all stamped "PROTOTYPE" on the back of the headstock. And to this day, I still cannot figure out why...
  11. phread

    Too good to be true! '59 from a widow?

    Sniff! It's gone! And I was gonna bid! :hmm::shock::naughty:
  12. phread

    Too good to be true! '59 from a widow?

    Original 1959 Gibson Les Paul | eBay Interesting, but doubtful.
  13. And then there were 4!  '52, R4, '09 Tribute, '12 60th Anniversary

    And then there were 4! '52, R4, '09 Tribute, '12 60th Anniversary

  14. phread

    Trapeze Circus

    And it has a Trapeze bridge with the casting, similar to the '09 Tribute.
  15. phread

    Trapeze Circus

    Latest news! A friend of mine is attending the NAMM show this week and I was told that Gibson is coming out with a new Tribute. It has his full name, date of birth and death on the pickguard as well as a custom headstock design. I'll see what it looks like, but not sure if I want something so...
  16. phread

    Trapeze Circus

    So I was wondering if anyone out there has found a set of P-90s that sound like the '52s? I love the tone, punch, and breakup characteristics of them and would like to make a few substitutions, probably starting with my R4. There is such a difference between them and I love the sound of the...
  17. phread

    Trapeze Circus

    Fretboard pics.
  18. phread

    Trapeze Circus

    Pickguard pics.
  19. phread

    Trapeze Circus

    Additional pics of the tailpieces.
  20. phread

    Trapeze Circus

    I decided to do a side-by-side comparison of the 3 Trapeze equipped Les Pauls that I have to quantify what the differences are between an original '52, an '09 Tribute, and a '12 60th Anniversary. Now the first thing I will admit is that the '52 is *extremely* difficult to play conventionally...

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