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  1. TVvoodoo

    DC Special design twist

    part of a group considering a group purchase via a reputable manufacturer of an alternate LPDC guitar. We don't want an obvious complete clone. My pitch to the group was this below, (the left side shorthorn version). Somebody wanted me to 'shop up the longhorn version as well just to see what...
  2. TVvoodoo

    Wondering about Treble bleed circuit

    I would like to purchase the materials and install one or two. After some searching on MLP and actually the whole web, as I expected there is a whole lot of discussion of such circuits and particular resistor/cap values. However, the information I seek is maybe of the most fundamental. I...
  3. TVvoodoo

    DIY Mexi-Mojo Guitar Strap

    Had me a NOMSTD today (new old mojo strap day)... I figured I'd show it off and at the same time why not show my forum friends how to make their own. It is written somewhere that if you give a man a guitar strap, he will have a new strap... but if you teach a fella to make his own guitar strap...
  4. TVvoodoo

    Songs about leaving...

    Seems to be a theme we have going. Plus I have this on in my brain lately as it's the latest thing I've been working on. Ramble On - Led Zeppelin - YouTube
  5. TVvoodoo

    "Art" guitar in progress

    Working on something I've been calling the psych-o-caster - inspired by my desire to do an "art" guitar with a face featuring a lot of texture. Started with your typical cheap strat body, roughed it up... painted white about five coats, and barbequed :slash: vectorized Edvard Munch's The...

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