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  1. Cookiee

    Too good to be true?

    I thought I recognised those pics... This exact guitar is on sale in the UK...
  2. Cookiee

    Dark and lovely dirty lemon

    That is a gorgeous guitar, enjoy it!
  3. Cookiee

    Serial number dating

    Could be a 2001, 2011 or 2021. It's the second number after the 0 (0 meaning 1960 reissue) that shows the year. To identify between 2001, 2011 and 2021 you'll have to look at the specs of the guitar
  4. Cookiee

    Now this is bloody ridiculous! Gibson mixed up the P90s!

    Serial number also looks 2020 (YXXXYXXXX), 2015 would have started with 15 and had the Les Paul holo on the headstock.
  5. Cookiee

    ID this Les Paul please

    Thanks for sharing and confirming the theory!
  6. Cookiee

    ID this Les Paul please

    The more I look at it, the more I'm convinced it is a Slash with a back refin (at least the headstock/neck anyway). Very curious about what this guitar actually is now.
  7. Cookiee

    ID this Les Paul please

    I had another thought on what this could be with that mini toggle hole filled in. Looks about right for the old custom shop standard Slash model, but the serial number is wrong. Maybe the back of the headstock got refinished?
  8. Cookiee

    ID this Les Paul please

    The Les Paul silkscreen is too low on the headstock too. Historics have it closer to the Gibson logo. What does the serial number look like?
  9. Cookiee

    Whats my color? 2008 Les Paul Standard Desert burst
  10. Cookiee

    What Was Your Influence & Direction to a Les Paul?

    Initially my guitar interest started with AC/DC, but then I saw this performance on TV and I knew I had to get a Les Paul:
  11. Cookiee

    Players You Like

  12. Cookiee

    What happened to my LP Custom (3 Pickups) in the past?

    Pot code looks to be '92. I've seen a few 1992 Customs that had the serial number starting with the 2 (2 xxxx)
  13. Cookiee

    Dream Guitar/Guitar Porn

    Collector's Choice Redeye. Remember looking at it in the shop a couple of years back when I was buying a new amp and was just thinking wow
  14. Cookiee

    Can’t Be Real - Something Fishy Going On

    Hmmmm... If "He's just far enough beyond worrying what his headstock" then why get something that says Gibson? There's plenty of MUCH better options in that price range that don't say Gibson on the headstock... I call bs
  15. Cookiee

    Forum's input on choosing First Les Paul

    If I remember correctly the 2008 Standard came with some features that aren't for everyone such as a locking output jack. I personally would go with the 2019 Trad
  16. Cookiee

    Am I dumb or did Gibson install saddle wrong?

    It appears your bridge is on backwards. The screws on a Nashville bridge face the tailpiece out of the factory.
  17. Cookiee

    120th Anniversary Studio fake?

    Classic would have neck binding and a MOP logo. My guess is a refinished 2014 LPJ due to the headstock veneer.
  18. Cookiee

    Warren Haynes Chet Atkins LP

    skip to around 6:21

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