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  1. Toxicpizza72

    Following in your Father's footsteps.

    ..My father was an earlier pub/motell-owner (he inherited it from his adoptive parents,few years later he got broke,He started again as truckdriver (..still is,but soon retiring) ..My mum was first a hair-dresser ,Today a teacher! My parents got divorced when I was 11,both got married...
  2. Toxicpizza72

    Daily Metal Songs

    Pantera- Yesterday Don't Mean Shit - YouTube Pantera & Zakk Wylde - Primal Concrete Sledge (Live Ozzfest) - YouTube
  3. Toxicpizza72

    The Song Name Game

    Easy Livin` - Uriah Heep Uriah Heep - Easy Livin' Live - YouTube
  4. Toxicpizza72

    How tall are you? I'm 6'6"

    6`4" or 196cm
  5. Toxicpizza72

    Flying V's. lets see 'em

    Here`s mine: Bought it cheap (stock) as a cool modding project,and today it goes like this: 2013 - Cherry 68 reissue V ,Grenadillo fretboard,stock T-500 & R496 humbuckers , independant wiring,3 pieces of CTS-500K`s,a Sprague bumble bee cap (for common tone-wheel ,and with german Faber iNsert...
  6. Toxicpizza72

    Flying V's. lets see 'em

    :shock:Damn,That is a SWEET V Deadringer,Great score !:applause:
  7. Toxicpizza72

    Daily Metal Songs

    Gorefest - Get a Life - Antwerp 2008 - YouTube
  8. Toxicpizza72

    Daily Metal Songs

    -A classic 1986 album (full album) - Dark Angel - Darkness Descends (Gene Hoglan on drums) Dark Angel - Darkness Descends - YouTube
  9. Toxicpizza72

    The Song Name Game

    For your Love - The Yardbirds The Yardbirds - For Your Love - YouTube
  10. Toxicpizza72

    Meaning behind your username..

    Norway is cool,:)but a bit expencive for the tourists ! ..a draft-beer downtown costs ridiculous prices! :/
  11. Toxicpizza72

    Meaning behind your username..

    "Doh"...It`s the name of my "one-man-band" kapish?,...Uhm..Maybe maybe I was at a time a bit inspired, by band-names like Venom,Poison,etc,etc,scorpions,whiteSNAKE,get it?..They all sound a bit frightening,huh??:naughty: ..-Well theres NOTHING more frightening than getting INTOXICATED from a...
  12. Toxicpizza72

    The Song Name Game

    Love is - Alannah Myles
  13. Toxicpizza72

    The Song Name Game

    It`s your life - Smokie
  14. Toxicpizza72

    Daily Metal Songs

    Kreator-Impossible to Cure - YouTube Sacred Reich - Surf Nicaragua (Live Dynamo 1989) - YouTube
  15. Toxicpizza72

    The Song Name Game

    I'm Waiting for the Man - The Velvet Underground
  16. Toxicpizza72

    The Les Paul Classic Custom Club!!!

    ..LOL,You should actually try one Bosnia , No hype,The CC`s plays like fast butter and sounds really great (..unmodded too) !:thumb:
  17. Toxicpizza72

    When people refer to guitars as "pure sex..."

    ..You are so definitely "on" my man ! :thumb: Penis?-:shock:?..No penis here,Yuk.:shock:..It`s,uhm..Actually, It`s more like a melting & (..still) squeeling vagina..Maybe with some extra hot funky sauce on??:naughty::fingersx: .Sorry that I forgot to write all of my earlier post/shrub in...
  18. Toxicpizza72

    What MUST CHANGE mod's do you do when you get a new 'other gibson'?

    ..If it already sounds good, I wouldn`t touch it (..from my past history of modding my guitars,single-coils,or humbuckes... I`ve learned,that every kind of mod,is not a promised succes`! .) ...But for an "annoying one/sample`",..-For clearity,I would probably add new pots/potmeters,like the...
  19. Toxicpizza72

    NGD: Grace Potter Flying V

    The G.P`s look truly sweet..Btw,Anyone here who can tell the the neck-profile/difference of feel,against the neck of a USA-V? btw,I have a grenadillo-necked 68 V...To me, It brings me a bit to the "SG Standard-territory" ! :)
  20. Toxicpizza72

    Names you find hot


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