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  1. JEguitars

    Orange Dark Terror 15/7W Amp For Sale - GREAT Condition! Comes with case! FREE SHIP!

    GREAT condition! One scratch on the front, doesnt bother me any at all, and the carrying case has a small what looks like burn mark on it (You can see it in the pic the white area on the top). Amp sounds and plays perfect! I need to raise some funds for Vegas so I am selling this cheap! Better...
  2. JEguitars

    Luthier Wood

    WOOD FOR SALE! Going to Vegas, want to have some extra spending money. Selling some NICE stuff! First one is a 5A Flame Maple ONE PIECE TOP! Better than PRS PRIVATE STOCK! This is a HUGE piece too! Dimensions are: 1" Thick x 26" Long x 15" Wide. $325 SHIPPED! That is WAY better than...
  3. JEguitars


    1980 Gibson ES347. Had over 10,000 hours playing time on it, wearing down the frets, until it got a long and obnoxious surface scratch in a freak accident on a movie set that didn't at all go into the wood. Before that time, a paint crack had started to appear and around the input jack, once...
  4. JEguitars

    2004 PRS CU22 2tek! Owned by Howard Leese of Heart/Bad Company

    2004 Paul Reed Smith Custom 22. Professional 2tek conversion. wide thin neck. VERY strong neck for a wide thin. Re-set it up if you need to, as its current set up is for heavy strings. Sustains like a beast because of the 2tek, which is an excellent match for this particular guitar...
  5. JEguitars

    1981 Moonstone Vulcan Deluxe with OHSC

    1981 moonstone Vulcan Deluxe. All original, pristine condition, except for tarnish that the maker Steve Helgeson said when we talked on this fourth of july can be easily buffed out (brass, except for the badass bridge tarnish). prime example of the "pre-moonstone factory fire" era. Many...
  6. JEguitars

    Build For Howard Leese Almost Done

    Just have to wire it out and a few odds and ends, but it's almost there. Specs: One Piece Quilt Maple Top One Piece Curly Black Limba Body Quilt Maple Fretboard Heartbeat Inlays in Abalone Ziricote Neck Hipshot Bridge Hipshot Tuners DeLisle Ferrule Block Custom Wound Humbuckers...
  7. JEguitars

    Some LP Jr's in the works

    This is one I am making for myself. Specs are: Curly Redwood Top Monkey Pod Body Brazilian Rosewood Neck Ebony Fretboard With Sapwood My Scale Length and My Chambering System Hipshot Bridge Hipshot Tuners Graphite Nut Going to make this a dual humbucker guitar (I'll wind them myself)...
  8. JEguitars

    PFS: Guitar Kits Made With Quality Lumber

    Just wondering, how many of you would be interested in buying a kit guitar made of highly figured and high quality woods? Fully Routed, neck fretted and inlayed, all you'd have to do is either order the parts to finish it from me, or go elsewhere. I would just build the guitar to the point...
  9. JEguitars

    FS: Personal Guitar I built for myself. Stupid Cheap. Pernambuco Neck, Brazzy fretboa

    I built this one for myself. It's my favorite guitar, not just because I made it for me, but because tonally it destroys everything else out there. I pulled out everything I had on this, put everything on there just the way I want it, but I need house $$$$ so this goes for a stupid low price...
  10. JEguitars

    Art of the Pheonix Build

    This is my top of the top line. Reserving unusual combinations of highly figured woods. This one will have the following specs: One Piece Flame Maple Body Gaboon Ebony Neck Gaboon Ebony Fretboard Ebony Tailpiece and Bridge Custom Pheonix Inlay Luminlay Side Dots Jescar EVO Frets...
  11. JEguitars

    Most Elegant Build To Date - The Phoenix

    I have been wanting to do this for a while, I haven't done a Phoenix model yet because I just haven't found the top of the line woods I have been wanting do I can do it. What I have found is crazy awesome and is sure to be interesting! This is a very interesting build that's going to be...
  12. JEguitars

    Need Advice

    I need to know what kind of backing wood to put with this awesome piece of half flame half quilt maple. It's about 5/8" thick. Going to do a carve top on it. Just wondering what I should put on the back of it. I have some really nice Curly Black Limba, 5A...
  13. JEguitars

    FS: Third Thorn Gt Ever Made! MINT!

    Yes, this is really the THIRD EVER MADE! Verified by Ron Thorn himself! Specs are as follows: Black Limba Body (Chambered) Black Limba Top Black Limba Neck (Quartersawn) Mammoth Ivory Inlays Amazon Rosewood Fretboard Lollar Pickups (Not sure which) 2tek Bridge (You can really hear...
  14. JEguitars

    Another LP Jr Clone Build

    Specs on this one: Curly Redwood Top Monkey Pod Body (Will have Neg-x Chambering) Brazilian Rosewood Neck (Not sure on fretboard yet, ebony, black and white ebony, brazilian rosewood, ziricote) Will also have Shadow NanoMag Piezo Pickup Will have handwound humbucker that is going to be...
  15. JEguitars

    Fretless guitar question

    Curious, need some advice. If I were to make this a fretless guitar with the standard hipshot bridge with a ".125 floor, would I require any neck angle? Currently on my guitars I put usually 0 - 0.5 degree neck angle on them with the Hipshot ".125 floor hardtail bridge. I just route the neck...
  16. JEguitars

    I don't normally do "clone" builds but this appealed to me

    Specs: Quilt Maple Top Black Limba Body with Neg-X Chambering Figured Movingui Neck Quilt Maple Fretboard Black Limba Pickguard Going to put a Shadow Nanomag Piezo Pickup under the pickguard just after the last fret and going to wind my own humbucker and make it splittable in the...
  17. JEguitars

    Prototype build thread for my new line.

    I really want to focus on my guitars this year and make something of this. If I could get it to where I build and sell around 3-5 guitars a month I would be in Heaven. But it's not gonna get there without the work. So time to get off my ass and get to it. I'm gonna route out the seam...
  18. JEguitars

    FS/FT: 3rd Thorn GT EVER MADE! So-Cal Edition

    Forgive these bad pics, I took them indoors with my iPhone last night. I got this from another member but the truth is, I never play it. I want to trade it or just sell it outright. It sounds great, and the pickups are some of the best, very little hum when distortion is put to them. Specs...
  19. JEguitars

    Another finished build!

    All I gotta say is I did this one with Odie's oil because the customer wanted a satin finish, and all I gotta say is it's a cold day in hell before I use Odies Oil again, impossible to apply, like trying to rub a glue trap all over. Way too much elbow grease required.
  20. JEguitars

    MLP Fantasy League

    Hey, I saw the other thread. I got one going for MLP guys. We need 6 more! You wanna join in then here is the info. Join Here: Join Custom League - Free Fantasy Football | 2015 Fantasy Football - League ID: 3482205 League Password: firegoodell

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