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  1. Gabriel

    Help! My amp is sick!

    Hello! I have a 5 Watt Laney Lionheart L5T. I moved houses and now that I used it again after a while it sounds like it has lost all its headroom. The treble sounds harsh and fizzy, there's much less bass and a lot more gain, or should I say distortion, making the drive channel almost...
  2. Gabriel

    Anyone running a HB sized P90 in the neck with a PAF-style HB at the bridge?

    I find myself playing my LP with the neck pickup and very little gain, with volume at 7-8 and I like those quacky almost strat-ish sounds I get. And given that for pretty much anything else I use the bridge pup, I thought I could replace the neck pickup with a P90 (BTW I love P90s). My bridge...
  3. Gabriel

    Gotoh ABR-1 Bridge saddle material?

    Hello. Anyone have an idea what the saddles of the Gotoh bridge are made from? If they were nickel plated brass after notching them I should see the brass right? They feel like zinc to me but I'd like someone to tell.
  4. Gabriel

    Lost my Edwards' truss rod cover. Any ideas?

    As the title sais, I usually let new guitars without the TRC for the first months to do micro-adjustments to the truss rod. But now that I am looking to put it back I can't find it anywhere and it's really bugging me. Any idea where I can find one? Also what is the size of the screw? Given...
  5. Gabriel

    50s wiring question.

    I put the cap between the output lug of the volume pot and the input lug of the tone pot and soldered the output lug of the tone pot to the pot body. Previously the cap was between the output of the tone pot and the tone-pot-body. When I posted a pic of the cavity everyone told me that this was...
  6. Gabriel

    A clip of my Edwards

    It's just so much better with the Antiquities. Rainy day. - YouTube
  7. Gabriel

    WTB Keeley Java booster or Skreddy Screwdriver.

    To stack with my Catalinbread DLS. Got either and would ship internationally?
  8. Gabriel

    How do you control the overall volume of your signal chain?

    After stacked OD/Fuzz/Compressor and some of the running at 18v, maintaining unity volume is pretty much impossible. So would a volume pedal at the end do the trick or it steals too much of that tone? Also is there some stompbox for that kind of thing (without being huge as a volume pedal)...
  9. Gabriel

    I need a fuzz to put before my DLS.

    Looking for tonebender MkI/MkII sounds like Page's. Not a ton of gain. Oh and it better be under 150-200 bucks :)
  10. Gabriel

    MXR M-108 EQ Question

    Hey. I am interested in getting the 10 band mxr as an eq and as a way to tame the volume of my signal before sending it to the preamp (I run an OD, Compressor, Fuzz all at 18v and it gets pretty loud). I am intending to put it after the OD, Comp and Fuzz and before the reverb and delay. I...
  11. Gabriel

    Replacing the V1 tube for lower volume

    Hi. I have a Laney lionheart L5T. Small tube amp with a 12AX7. I am getting all my dirt from my OCD and Catalinbread DLS. The problem is that for them to sound decent my clean channel volume has to be over two which is already pretty loud for bedroom use (plus the girl living in the flat...
  12. Gabriel

    Edwards wiring

    Can someone explain me why Edwards solders the capacitor between the 2nd lug of the tone pot and the pot casing rather than between the 1st/middle lug of the volume pot and the left lug of the tone pot? How does that affect the sound? Could it be what's giving my guitar that ear piercing treble?
  13. Gabriel

    What can I do when my OD pedal makes my amp too loud?

    Hey. I've got a 5W laney L5T tube combo and I recently got a Catalinbread DLS to get some Marshall tones out of it. And it works pretty well but only when the volume on the DLS is over 9-10 o clock and when the volume on my amp is over 2. With the dirt channel on my amp I could get some nice...
  14. Gabriel

    How much difference a good power supply does? A big one

    I was really excited yesterday. My Catalinbread DLS and the Wampler Ego Compressor came. Didn't have the time to check them yesterday so today I cut some patch cables, used some single 9v adaptors and turned them on. And for 20 minutes I felt more disappointed than a fat kid that dropped its...
  15. Gabriel

    New Pickup Day: Seymour Duncan Antiquity Humbuckers

    I've long wanted to replace the 59/JB and my Ants finally came. And they were worth every penny. I expected them to be all clean but in the gain channel they are so grainy while still being articulate and musical. Obviously less gain in the bridge than the JB but I love the pick attack and the...
  16. Gabriel

    FS in Europe: SD SH-1n (59 neck) SH-4b (JB bridge)

    I am selling the pups that came with my Edwards Les paul. 4 months old in excellent condition, no shortened wires. Four conductor. Neck comes with a cover while the Bridge is Zebra. Price is €100 paypal'ed plus shipping. I am interested in trades with Alnico II Pro's, Seth Lovers...
  17. Gabriel

    FS in Europe: Tech21 Character Series California

    Hello. I got this pedal from Prymaxe on ebay a few months ago. It's almost brand new with hardly 2 hours of bedroom-play. Very high gain Mesa Boogie sounds. Prett versatile and sensitive to tweaking. Sitting in its box since day 3 as it has a lot more gain than I expected and works better with...
  18. Gabriel

    SD Antiquities or Wolfe's Dr.Vintage

    I've long wanted to replace the 59/JB in my Edwards. The JB is just too hot and shrill for my taste and I always play it with the volume pot under 6.5 and tone under 8. I'd like to have a more usable range in my controls and a pup that I like when full ON. I've considered magnet swaps but I...
  19. Gabriel

    Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret or Fulltone OCD?

    I've narrowed it down to these two OD pedals and I am currently bidding on both. Which would you prefer for an early Marshall overdriven sound? JTM-45, plexi etc. From demos I've heard I prefer the DLS but everyone raves about the OCD and it's transparecy.
  20. Gabriel

    Setting up an ABR-1

    Hello. My Edwards LP has a Gotoh ABR-1. I have decided to replace the saddles with graphtech and fix the radius on them by notching (stock string radius was too flat making the external strings sit a bit too high). My question is whether I should lay the bridge totally flat on the thumbscrews...

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