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  1. Lucidsounds

    Pelham Blue 2016 Firebird

    I'm curious to know if anyone has tried one of these yet. Just looking at the pics and they look very sweet indeed.
  2. Lucidsounds

    Gibson Firebird 2014 - Opinions?

    I was fortunate enough to find and try one of these in a shop the other day. Finish was excellent, set-up was spot-on and the sound from the neck pick-up was a real treat. Bridge pup seemed very toppy though, you could almost cut glass with it unless you seriously rolled off the tone. This was...
  3. Lucidsounds

    Original '68?

    Gibson Les Paul original 1968 vintage guitar | eBay Is it me or does that headstock look to have been replaced?
  4. Lucidsounds

    Counterfeit Junior?

    Looks like no Junior I've seen before. Anyone recognise it? GIBSON LES PAUL JUNIOR COMPLETE WITH GIBSON USA BAG | eBay
  5. Lucidsounds

    Norlin Hatred

    Looks like this guy needs some education: Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Limited Edition 1999 + 1960s pickups | eBay
  6. Lucidsounds

    Les Paul Standared...?

    les paul gibson guitar (Standared) Studio | eBay Shurely shome mishtake? As the seller says, "Please dont wast my time".
  7. Lucidsounds

    When the Light Just Catches The Flame...

    Just caught my normally plain-top 1980 LPC almost effervescing in the evening sunlight and managed to grab a quick shot.
  8. Lucidsounds

    NORLIN Custom Resissue? 1974 Les Paul Custom Reissue Seems a tad pricey. You could buy the real thing for less than that.
  9. Lucidsounds

    WANTED: Blank Packing Checklist

    I'm after a blank Gibson Checklist card as I have a 2013 that came without one and it would be nice to include it as case candy. Anyone have a spare one? Thanks!
  10. Lucidsounds

    Another Counterfeit Custom

    GIBSON LES PAUL CUSTOM BLACK BEAUTY USA 2006 Model With Hard Case | eBay "this is not a replica" says the seller. Well in a way he's correct, as it looks nothing like a genuine Custom. Reported.
  11. Lucidsounds

    So What Pickups are These?

    My late-80 Custom has always had low output on the bridge pup. I mean low, when compared to the neck, when compared to other guitars I have, despite being closer to the strings. So, I took some resistance measurements - bridge is 7.45k, neck is 8.27k. Do these measurements sound like...
  12. Lucidsounds

    Bigsby/Vibramate on a DC Special?

    Has anyone had experience of putting a Bigsby B7 with Vibramate on a double-cut special? Is it even possible? I ask because my 2014 Trad with Bigsby just seems a little tail-heavy, so I was wondering whether it would be better suited to my DC Special which has less body weight to begin...
  13. Lucidsounds

    If Only Gibson Did This :applause:Bravo, I say.
  14. Lucidsounds

    Question for Classic Owners

    What do you think of the stock 496r and 500T pickups? Too bright or just nice? I see a lot of classics with swapped pups so I wonder if they are considered less than ideal.
  15. Lucidsounds

    Vintage Gibson Les 67!

    Gibson Les Paul Vintage 1967 & Gibson Guitar Case | eBay Some people really have no idea :rolleyes:
  16. Lucidsounds

    Ouch - Bad Fake on eBay

    Gibson Les Paul Custom 2005 USA Right Handed Electric Guitar | eBay And it's got a bid.
  17. Lucidsounds

    This looks genuine...

    Gibson Gold Top Guitar Les Paul Edition 1970 | eBay I mean, it doesn't have slotted bridge posts, and, er....
  18. Lucidsounds

    Can Someone Identify This Standard?

    GIBSON LES PAUL STANDARD black with gold parts. inc hardcase. | eBay Appears to be genuine but what year and what's the deal with the serial number?
  19. Lucidsounds

    Fake Of The Day

    Gibson Les Paul Left Handed Lefty | eBay The controls are the wrong way round for a start :D
  20. Lucidsounds

    Good Candidate for a Fake Custom?

    Gibson Les Paul Custom | eBay Thoughts on this one?

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