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    The Disputed Gallagher/Marr Burst/Conversion on display in London

    Rich H, Thanks for the info! -Pineder
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    The Disputed Gallagher/Marr Burst/Conversion on display in London

    Rich H, Do you happen to know what new color option will soon be available for the Marr Jaguar? There's a lot of discussion/speculation that it will be sherwood green on the offsetguitar forum. -Pineder
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    Weird Cool Find - Gibson G80

    Picked this amp up for $50 last night. It's a 4x10 - solid state. Haven't really had time to fully test other than plug in and rock for a few minutes. Features reverb/vibrato. It sounds pretty warm considering it's solid state. Odds are I'll use it for a bass amp.
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    Somebody got a deal on a 1960 DC Jr.

    Looks like a pawn shop seller. Good for the buyer, I'm not jealous at all. Especially knowing that the guitar was probably pawned for $100.
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    Show Off Them Telecasters!

    'Homebrew' Esquire Have $225 in it. The bridge, tuners, control plate are all USA vintage RI. Pickup is a Rio Grande - Dirty Harry. CTS 500K pots, .022 orange drop, cloth wiring, w Eldred wiring. Reranch black nitro/tinted clear coat. Vintage Bigsby. Neck is RI specs, however, I don't...
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    Who is known for playing a '56?

    What's up with the fretboard comparison?
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    HELP! Found Vintage Gretsch Country Gentleman

    Thanks all. Turns out this Nashville is a '71 all original except for the 'master' tone knob on the upper bout. This guitar is a keeper, only bad thing is I'm selling my LP special to fund this one. The binding is rotting off in spots, however, my local tech said he could cut me a deal if/when...
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    HELP! Found Vintage Gretsch Country Gentleman

    Well, I think I did OK. Picked it up for $960 out the door w/ Gretsch case. The action is low and still has plenty of adjustment on the bridge. NO issues with the neck at all. The binding is rotting but looks cool. Missing in two spots but not an issue really to me. The extra knob is...
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    HELP! Found Vintage Gretsch Country Gentleman

    HI all, my father located a vintage Gretsch CG and I don't know much about Gretsch at all. Been looking at sites for several hours and figured I'd ask the experts. I'm not sure what year and haven't seen the guitar in person. I do know it's missing some binding on the neck and includes the...
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    NGD! Oh wait. Dilemma - Should I return this LP Custom?

    I'd return the guitar, especially if you've paid that much! Opt for a deep discount, if they won't budge either exchange for the other Custom or take the refund and keep looking. Your obviously on the fence if you've decided to post asking if you should return it, however, only you can...
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    NGD Fender Jazzmaster Elvis Costello

    Update: Turns out the mojo wasn't worth the price in my opinion. The LP deluxe had a headstock crack and needed a complete refret. On top of all that he wanted $3K for the guitar, no trades! I'm highly satisfied with this EC Jazz and hope you guys get to try one. I did restring with new...
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    Think I just got ripped off!

    I think it looks cool, if that matters to you...
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    NGD Fender Jazzmaster Elvis Costello

    So the man that inspired my dad to learn how to play guitar is thinking about getting rid of his early 70's LP deluxe. It's cherry sunburst with lots of play wear (all original). When I was learning to play this guitar inspired me and my first 'nice' guitar was an 80's LP deluxe but have since...
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    NGD Fender Jazzmaster Elvis Costello

    Traded an American Standard Strat in Sienna sunburst plus some cash. Both of the guitars were like new with case candy. The JM has the original strings on it, flatwounds. I'm going to probably change them this afternoon.
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    NGD Fender Jazzmaster Elvis Costello

    Well, I traded for this guitar tonight and I have to say I'm very pleased. It does need some minor adjustments however it is beautiful and plays very well! I cannot find another example online anywhere. Does anyone have an idea of worth or original retail pricing? What is the difference also...
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    Yet another brilliat repair!

    That would be awesome if the neck repair was legit.
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    Gibson Firebird Studio/Pelham Blue trade

    Just got a response back and I'm not willing to part w/ my Strat and the amount of $ expected in trade. My Strat and $650 is fair considering the Firebird is brand new, however the Strat is 'Like New'. I may just sell the Strat and then purse the Firebird. Rock on Larry Mal - the Firebird...
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    Gibson Firebird Studio/Pelham Blue trade

    Hi all, Possible trade in the works, I have a 09 USA Strat (sienna sunburst) that I'm willing to trade for a 11 Gibson Firebird Studio (3 p-90's) in Pelham Blue. Anyone want to talk me out of it or should I just move forward? The Strat is beautiful and plays great, I haven't put my paws on...
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    ###NGD - SG Classic Custom###

    Dayum! Love the color.:dude:

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