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    FSOT - 2017 McCarty 594 Soapbar McCarty Burst

    First post her in the classifieds, I do have extensive feedback on Reverb, ebay and over on the old AgileGuitarForum too. Mostly looking to trade, but FS price would be $2700 plus actual shipping I'm in the hunt for an R8 or R9 - VOS or gloss, not looking for aged. Doesn't need to be a...
  2. U 2016 and 2015 Gibson closeouts

    Has anyone here in the US ever purchased an LP from They have some really nice looking prices on their 2016 inventory - some of the full gloss studios are in the $800 range and a couple of 2016 trads under $1500. I've heard of lots of folks ordering harley benton guitars from...
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    Uneven headstock/neck carve

    So I purchased a used LP Deluxe recently and when examining it on arrival, something seemed slightly off when viewing the headstock from the rear. It appears that the curve/carve on one side of the neck is deeper than the other - almost giving the headstock an appearance that one side is longer...
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    WTB - R6 Goldtop

    Hello all - had a query for this out there a while back but didn't get many/any responses. I'm in the market for an R6. VOS or Gloss are good, not looking for a relic/distressed/aged model though. 9lbs or under would be preferable as well. Age/model year not all that important to me...
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    Gretsch 5420's - $499

    On ebay but through streetsoundsNYC - all 4 colors $499 and free shipping. Looks to be a closeout, perhaps end of model life or something? Gretsch G5420T Electromatic Hollow Body Guitar New | eBay I grabbed an orange one
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    WTB - 2012 LP Deluxe GT

    Wondering if anyone here might have one of the 2012 LP deluxe goldtop "special runs" that they'd be willing to part with. This was the one with the Neutrik jack and the 50s neck. I found an old thread here where several folks has purchased them, apparently MF had a blowout...maybe someone...
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    FS - 2011 LP Studio Deluxe 50's Ice Tea Burst Plaintop

    I have a 2011 LP Studio Ice Tea Burst for sale. This was my first LP upon my return to playing a few years back. I've since purchased a 2013 trad and am now trying to help fund an R6 purchase. This guitar is in very good shape, a few dings on the back from being played at home for a few...
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    CS7/8/9 deals on SW

    Looks like some OK sale prices on a few CS7's ( 3398 ) and CS8/9' (3998) s as part of the presidents day sale. Not sure what street price is on these but the CS7 is very tempting as I've been searching for an R6, but I could live with humbuggies too. pd16-gibson-custom |
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    2016 Plaintop Trad - $1999 at Dave's

    I'm heading to my Hometown of La Crosse, WI for the Thanksgiving holiday and will make my usual Mecca to Dave's. I noticed he's got 6 "limited edition" 2016 plaintop traditionals at $1999 in stock. Has anyone seen these for sale anywhere else? I know he sells a lot of LP's and sometimes...
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    NUGD - 93 Studio P90 black

    This would be my first NGD here ever even though I've lurked and asked a few questions, but i'm too excited to not share. I've been looking for one of these for a while and missed out on one on Reverb last year. One happened to pop up on ebay early one Friday morning and I jumped on it so it...
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    Non-CS 1956 reissue??

    Found an odd guitar on Reverb today - was there ever such a thing as a non-custom shop 56 reissue? The logo almost looks like a sticker instead of an inlay but the pictures are kind of fuzzy...maybe a chibson?
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    WTB - LP Studio w/P90's

    Searching for a full gloss regular studio ( not a tribute ) with P90's. My ideal would be one of the 90's all black ones with the ebony board, I've seen a few of those show up here and there. Would also consider a GEM in almost any color other than Topaz ( already have too many bursts )...
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    WTB - 2010/11 Studio 50's Tribute Goldtop

    Looking for a 2010/11 Studio Tribute 50's Goldtop. These were the first run of tributes with the Light Back and 50's neck. Not interested in the 2013 versions with the dark back or the aged ones. Would prefer good to excellent condition. Here's the Gibson spec page for reference...
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    2013 Trad colors

    I purchased a 2013 caramel burst back in January of 2014 when they were on clearance...I wish I would have bought another one in hindsight, but I digress. They were available in Caramel burst, light burst, cherry burst, honey burst and Chicago blue. I noticed in the gibson spec page ( still...
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    WTB: R6 Goldtop or other P90 Gold Top w/50s neck

    I'm in the market for a Goldtop. An R6 has all the specs that I would like, but if there is a standard ( or something I've not heard of ) with the following specs that would work too: MUST HAVE specs: Gold top ( obviously ) P90s Fat/round 50s neck TOM bridge Light or medium back...
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    Help identifying 2006 Goldtop

    Can anyone help identify this GT that is posted on reverb? The seller had it listed as a "reissue" a few months ago and it's obviously not that with the USA serial. It is now listed as a traditional, but did they make those in...
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    2014 R6/7/8 "street" pricing

    I understand buying a brand new R6/7/8 will generally mean taking a "hit" initially in value. Regardless, I know people continue to purchase them anyway and I have no issue with that. What I'm wondering is what people are seeing as true "street" price lately, or at least a rough...
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    A tale of 2 golds

    So I have been seeking an R6 for quite some time now, mostly looking used. For the heck of it I was looking at a couple of the remaining 2014s on Sweetwater as I've bought from them before and had a good experience. What surprised me was the variance in color between the available ones on...
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    2006 R6 goldtop

    I am heading back to my hometown for New Years ( La Crosse, WI ) and I'll be going to Dave's Guitar Shop and drooling/playing/farting around for as much time as the wife and kids ( and grandparents ) will let me escape for. This time though i'm specifically going to be checking out a used...
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    2006 goldtop question

    I posted this over in the reissue section as well, but thought perhaps someone here might be able to help too. I have been in the market for a 56RI or a similar model ( gold top/p90/TOM ) in a standard config. There is a guitar that has been on Reverb for a while that while listed as a...

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