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    NGD. (NGD means New Guitar Day). Not a big deal but I am happy. A Line 6 Shuriken 250. Black. Pics tomorrow if anyone cares. I have the Helix Floor. Should be fun. And looks to be room for a Roland split pickup GK-3 and already have the SY-1000. Might be a mess, might be very cool.
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    And new guitar day maybe Friday

    ESP KH-3 Spider. Not beautiful, but custom shop, not LTD so should be exceptional. Ordered it a year ago, maybe more. And forgot. Pics when I get them. Micro news: personally signed by KH. Unexpected.
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    NGD. PRS Dustie Waring CE 24 Floyd. Nothing amazing, but looks nice, all the right stuff for me. Letting it warm up to room temp. -3°F last night, guitar is 50°F at the moment. cold. Not yet played or handled (much). More tomorrow. Pics are from Sweetwater.
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    NGD, a few days late

    JUST ordered got another Strandberg. It’s a Boden Fusion 6 Titanium. Mainly it is intended as a platform to launch the new pickups they have developed with Michael Frank. This is the intro for the pups. Sorta semi limited edition (76/100) I am a sucker for that stuff. Pics below. It arrived...
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    Guitar and amp giveaway from ESP

    A small thing. I found this on the ESP site today. EC-1001, an ENGL Fireball 25, and matching cabinet. Nice looking setup. Take a look if you have any interest.
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    About a demo only. I

    Can only aspire to a guitar like this. Someday. Maybe. I can hope, right? Mystique. One of one. That’s custom. This not a promo, just most people seem to have no clue as to what can be had, uniquely.
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    NGD. ESP USA Horizon II

    So, ESP USA Horizon II. Quilt maple top (looks three dimensional). One piece mahogany body. See-thru purple fade. Duncan pickups (I had expected EMG’s) but Duncan’s are nice. SST frets, done perfectly. Ebony fretboard (coal black). Fixed bridge, string though body, set-through neck. AND NATURAL...
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    NGD Nita Strauss JIVA10

    Nice guitar. Light, sounds good, classic Ibanez S type. Initially I was worried because when it arrived the temperature of the body was 44 degrees F. I foolishly ran my thumb down the fret ends on the neck, lost some skin. I decided to just let it sit and stabilize. That was seven days ago. The...
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    Esp usa

    So, NGD. ESP USA Eclipse. Hellfire finish. Best neck I have ever experienced. 20227 on website.
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    New guitar pictures

    I have been too busy to post these. Some are pictures from the sites that sold them (the good ones) the rest are ones I took. Look for feet, cats and dust. EBMM JP-167 Black Lava EBMM Majesty Copper Fire Telecaster Aluminum Body...
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    NGD (tomorrow)

    So, bought an ESP JH-600 today, the LTD version of their very pricey Jeff Hanneman's. Nice bridge, Kahler Hybrid. The papered versions are nice but $5-5.5K is just too much for me. Picture when it arrives. Also have new PRS's and a Gary Holt, again the LTD version, GH-600, a good feeling...
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    NGD ESP LTD MH 40th Anniversary

    I have several ESP guitars, and like all of them. This one promises to be something else, though. It is one of the limited run 40th Anniversary guitars. I like everything about its features, but have yet to lay hands upon it. Looks like two more days. All but one other ESP was bought sight...
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    trans purple quilt nighthawk

    Epiphone Nighthawk Custom Electric Guitar in Trans Purple Quilt | Andertons I just saw this and wonder if anyone has one? The color and the quilt grabbed my eye.
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    Here is something different - an EPI LP Plustop Pro/FX - FR bridge

    Epiphone Les Paul Plustop PRO/FX - Vintage Sunburst | Just arrived in my email.

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