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  1. hobbyman

    Where's the beef, Wendy's!?

    Last week I stopped at my nearest Wendy's drive thru (almost 10 miles from home!), and ordered some chicken nuggets meals and a Dave's Single meal. The order seemed right: nugget meals, fries, and a wrapped burger in the bags. When I got home, I unwrapped the burger to find that there was no...
  2. hobbyman

    Man, Jim Root has some patience!
  3. hobbyman

    Be on the lookout for...
  4. hobbyman

    Better late than never!

    A fugitive for over 40 years caught in a small city just down the road from me.
  5. hobbyman

    Tit for Tat...

    ...after she gets the police called on her, she takes it out on one of them. NSFW (loud cussing - and other things)
  6. hobbyman

    Bought my first Fender!

    Meet my MIM HSS Plus Top: Ever since I bought my first electric guitar (a Harmony Strat copy), I thought, "Maybe someday I'll buy a real Fender Strat.". Well, thanks to a real nice gigging musician, I was able to bring this beauty home with me two weeks ago. It sounds as great as it...
  7. hobbyman

    For TheX: A tour of the Pimentel Shop

    I saw a small segment on Pimentels this morning on a local news show, and then I found this:
  8. hobbyman

    Dennis Hof of Moonlite Bunny Ranch dies ...That might throw off my 'dream vacation' destination plans of the very distant future! I ain't getting any younger, ya, know!
  9. hobbyman

    My son competed in RoboRave International this weekend!

    RoboRave is an organization that encourages kids to get into robotics and engineering and other high-tech fields. This weekend, they held RoboRave International in Albuquerque, NM. Students from around the world got together to compete in different events, where robots they build and program...
  10. hobbyman

    My son's musical Christmas break

    Well, my son is on Christmas break from school, and he's been enjoying himself playing with these: I got these for him as Christmas presents because he has been showing interest in playing guitar as of late. I always hoped he would be interested in guitar, and I bought a Squier Strat for him...
  11. hobbyman

    Went to the fiestas today!

    I took my son to the Fiestas de Santa Fe today. We had an awesome time! This was his first time at the event and he loved it! I had taken him to see the Fiesta parade many years ago when he was a lot younger, but he had never been to the actual Fiestas. It was a great day for it also. The...
  12. hobbyman

    Happy Birthday to Buddy Guy!

    81 years young today!:applause:
  13. hobbyman

    A smart home device comes to the rescue by dialing 911

    This happened near Albuquerque, NM. One of these new smart devices ended up calling 911 when a couple got into a domestic dispute. Seems the guy, during the altercation, asked the woman if she had called the sheriff. She had not, but the device did...
  14. hobbyman

    Treasure Hunt

    A guy named Forrest Fenn hid a treasure somewhere in the Rocky Mountain west. So far, two guys from Colorado have died here in New Mexico looking for the treasure. The latest one to die was found about 20 miles upstream from where I live along the Rio Grande about a week ago. Would you guys...
  15. hobbyman

    Songs that go from 'normal' to 'control yer funky self!'

    I like this kind of stuff! These two come to mind:
  16. hobbyman

    RIP Miriam Colon She died yesterday at the age of 80. She appeared in more than 90 films and over 250 television episodes.
  17. hobbyman

    I'm a citizen of the world...

    ...according to my DNA. I have origins in 4 different continents!:D In early December, I ordered a Family Tree DNA "Family Finder" kit. I got the kit, took the test, and sent it back a few days before Christmas. Earlier this week, I got my results. It turns out that I am 58% European...
  18. hobbyman

    Now a lawyer was doing the shooting! What a crazy world we live in!:(
  19. hobbyman

    Big-store music catalog question...

    I've been getting music store catalogs from Musician's Friend, American Music Supply, and Sweetwater for years now, and I've always wondered about this: Why don't they ever post the prices of Rickenbacker guitars? They always have the 'call for price' where the price is usually displayed.
  20. hobbyman

    R.I.P., Victoria

    I didn't know this little girl, but the way she died is horrific. I have a son just two years older than her, and I work around kids her age constantly, so this really affects me.

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