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  1. realjimjim

    HELP Please: What do I have here?

    I bought this guitar several years ago from the classifieds . . . Link: Anyway, I'm way overstocked with stuff and needing to thin the herd. It has come to my attention that this is not an early...
  2. realjimjim

    Need a 1999 SG Control Cavity Cover

    A guy gave me a 1999 SG in pieces the other day. I had enough junk here to get it up and running but there is no rear cover plate. As far as my google search tells me . . . they don't exist anymore. Any ideas on what to use to make one? Where to get templates, materials, etc? Thanks for...
  3. realjimjim

    Was just reading lowài's thread on his junk

    at and was going to post my own clean up project which has been going on for the last two weeks in his thread . . . . But I have way too many pics . . . so I started my own thread. And...
  4. realjimjim

    WTB: Genuine Fender Strat Hardshell Case

    Anyone have one they don't need any longer? Thanks!
  5. realjimjim

    World's Hardest Geography Test!

    and I thought I knew something! 33% Is all I am I am! The world's hardest geography quiz - Telegraph
  6. realjimjim

    Fender Twin, 1972, New speakers?

    I had this amp 'rebuilt" by a supposed expert around here. It cost me about $500.00. He said he cleaned and lubed all switches, replaced all tubes, installed new reverb, did some recapping . . . He also said not to replace the original Fender speakers. But the thing hisses as I turn up...
  7. realjimjim

    How To Kill Ivy?

    Stuff keeps growing up the side of my house. I've dug it out a hundred times, keeps coming back. I'm getting too old to keep digging up this stuff. Oh, and I've tried farmers grade Round Up and everything else too. There's got to be a way to get rid of this Ivy! HELP!!!
  8. realjimjim

    Pizza Prank Pulled From Jail Cell

    Police: Pizza Prank Pulled From Jail Cell | The Smoking Gun Busted Kentuckian had Domino's delivered to his arresting officer JULY 17--Already in police custody, a Kentucky man decided it was the perfect time to prank the police officer who had arrested him for shoplifting and public...
  9. realjimjim

    Lucky Me! The Cub Scout . . .

    Still have my official 1962 Cub Scout issued pocket knife. Carry it everyday. It may be my talisman . . . because I'm always tripping over more Cub Cadets. Today a buddy gave me a complete turn key running Cub 147, with mower deck, front blade, and Rear tiller. Plus, another complete...
  10. realjimjim

    Been Letting My Hair Grow Out Big Time

    Like back in the 70s when I was punk rocker . . . But the long hair is starting to bug me real bad though . . . . A couple of weeks back we were ripping through Hatteras at high speeds and the the wild hair was whipping all around in my face. I was getting angry. But then . . . I'm...
  11. realjimjim

    Does Anyone Here Actually Go Out To See Movies?

    Just wondering . . . the last one me and my girl went out to see a movie was "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest." And we can't even recall what year that was! Anyone here go out to see movies regular?
  12. realjimjim

    My Garage Thermometer just hit 100 degrees!

    Very hot out here . . . Been out here building tables, benches, shelves . . . Wanted to bring out my vintage Pioneer SX-1010 today which weighs about 75 pounds . . . got the shelf all set for it . . . Guess I better go in and soak up the AC . . . Classic stereo will have to wait . . .
  13. realjimjim

    Southern Boys Only! Info needed . . .

    We've got a pond here, maybe about 7 or 8 acres which is about 90 feet from my house. I'm old and lazy and don't do anything anymore . . . . but one of my young friends (55 years old) wants to come over with his kid a gig some frogs. They came last night and stayed for several hours...
  14. realjimjim

    I've Got a Texas Accent!

    Yeah, no joke. No matter where I go or where I've been folks ask me: "Are you from Texas?" I'm always truthful and say: "Why yes I am!" Then they'll proudly proclaim: "I knew it! I just knew it!" And that was the opening I'd been waiting for . . . when I swoop in and tell them: "I...
  15. realjimjim

    AR-15s, ACOGs and Coyotes

    We are getting over run with these wild ass dogs . . . People around here are having their dogs, cats, chickens, geese all disappearing. WTF??? We never had Coyotes here before, not ever. Most guys around here are shotgun Deer hunters. If they have a "long rifle" it's usually a .22...
  16. realjimjim

    Speaking of Credit Scores . . . .

    My wife tells me that now if you don't have a good credit score you do not get hired. That is according to where she works. Have you heard about this where you work? Anyone know about this? Is this true? What do you think about it?
  17. realjimjim

    What have you gotten rid of that you regret?

    Me? I used to work on Porsches . . . . had just about every specialty tool you can imagine. Then about 20 years ago my cousins gave me our grandparent's old house out on the farm. I figured my chances of ever seeing a 911 again was slim . . . . not to mention actually working on one...
  18. realjimjim

    Bougainville: The Coconut Revolution

    This is this most incredible story, well, really "News?" I've ever heard. What these people did with nothing is beyond belief. Take some time and watch this story. The Coconut Revolution (2001, 50min) (480x360) - YouTube
  19. realjimjim

    Where Do These Sickos Come From?

    White supremacist couple Jeremy and Christine Moody sentenced to life for killing sex offender | Mail Online This is a pretty bizarre "news article." Check out the pics of these sicks.

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