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    Looking for an alternate to my amazing WCR Godwoods set

    Hey folks. I have a set of godwoods in one les paul. they are stellar. But I really rather not put the same pickups in all of my les pauls. Drawing on your folks experiences, what would be a good alternate set to the WCR Godwoods? I'd like something in the low to medium output range, PAF...
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    FS/FT: RambleFX Marvel Drive v3 Minty w/box

    Hi Folks. I am selling my Marvel Drive here Open to trades for: JHS Angry Charlie Lovepedal Purple Plexi Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret
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    FS Mini Hendrix Fuzz Face

    Hey, is this still available?
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    FS: Oxfuzz Silicon Fuzz Face

    Messaged! I'm very interested!
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    For Sale: Basic Audio Gnarly Fuzz. $135

    Hey folks. This is a killer fuzz unit that I am selling in order to fund a vintage fuzz face. Basic Audio is regarded as a master builder of fuzz. This unit sound massive through my fender amp and les paul. The gnarly fuzz is used a lot by Scott Holiday from Rival sons, the tone from this...
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    Krankin' the 50 watters!

    I have one of these, also modded for plexi specs. It sounds absolutely monstrous but something about these transformers make it not quite plexi-ish. I happen to like it better than a lot of plexis, personally. Very big thick leads from it. The top end is a bit smoother than a marshall as...
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    NAD Rockett Retro 50 Plexi

    I would love to hear more about the PPIMV. I was in the market for these but am hesitant of how they sound at apartment volumes.
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    NAD - Friedman and Marshall

    What's your opinion of the 20 watt power on the DS mini? Do you find it to be enough horsepower? I currently play a 1974x clone which is 18 watts. The DS mini interests me for its master volume and slightly higher power. I would love it in a 1x12 combo format.
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    FS: Jetter GS-124 and Digitech Jam Man Solo

    I played some of these Jetter pedal at Carters. They are phenomenal.
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    Scored an 1974 Traynor Yba-1 mark II ...mod's please !!!

    I had mine modded for more gain. But I don't know the details. I've been told by people that it sounds a lot like a vintage Marshall. To me it just sounds like a jtm45 with a smoother top end. And more bottom end. It's very very loud. The huge iron might be why. Mine was also rated at around 50...
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    Played a Friedman Pink Taco again

    can you describe the tone and why you liked it?
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    Danelectro Pedal Question

    That wasnt my experience. And i wanted them to be great. But put them up against the pedal they are trying to clone and they dont hold up at all. you get what you pay for. as always.
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    Danelectro Pedal Question

    These are ****ty cheap pedals. You get what you pay for. I bought the cool cat drive and never touch it. Get something quality, spend the dough and you wont regret it. these pedals claim to "clone" a more expensive pedal, but they never do it justice. the cool cat is supposed to be an OCD...
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    Which Tubescreamer of these 3?

    i own the signa, it's not really a tube screamer type pedal. its more of a general overdrive boost and its fairly flat response with a moderately smooth top end. A real tube screamer boosts the mids hard for cutting leads. The Maxon OD808 is more inline with the real tube screamer vain. Its...
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    Friedman or Marshall Plexi RI-Spend more or get a deal

    Friedman. Why? It has an amazing master volume and It's built to extremely high standard. Marshall is awesome and there's something cool about having that name behind you when you play a gig. But the Friedman is the more quality choice.
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    Friedman or Marshall Plexi RI-Spend more or get a deal

    The non master volume marshalls without a good attenuator are hard to use live. You can't crank a 50 watt amp anywhere these days. The friedmens have great master volumes. Particularly the dirty Shirley. Fantastic amp! If I had to choose I'd go friedman. They're also built to a higher...
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    Opinions on Replacements for 490R/498T in a Custom

    Here's an interesting thing about shaws. My friend has 3 les Paul's from 1981 with shaws. And they all sound different. So be aware, it's still fairly random. They do all sound great though!
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    Opinions on Replacements for 490R/498T in a Custom

    You should pull the trigger on one of those pups and see how it sounds. Different pups sound different depending on what guitar they're in. It's almost random. I love my stock 490t 498r custom pups. But hated the stock pups in my G0. I bought Jim Wagner Godwoods and the blew me away. Best...
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    NPD Jim Wagner/WCR Godwood set. Holy crap.

    Interesting. I had a rewind JPpost72 in this guitar that wasn't as nice sounding as the godwoods. Just goes to show you that not all pickups work for every guitar. There's people that swear by burstbuckers and to me they were terrible.

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